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Galeria boss commits team to new online store, gorilla manufacturers planning Pick & Go in Berlin.

From Florian Tres On June 27, 2022 in News

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How can small cities succeed in revitalizing their inner cities? Sometimes it can be a little too simple, says Frank Stephen, Mayor of Pisco, on Linkedin: The municipality in Brandenburg has set up a large sandbox next to sitting in its market square — and merchants report that “while dad plays with the kid in the box Sand, my mother goes shopping in the city center. Next door is a restaurateur who also benefits from it. The sandpit has become one of the most successful measures to revitalize the inner city. A new social meeting point has emerged.” Good idea for other communities too.

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diva-e on K5!
After a two-year break, K5 Future Retail Conference Returned to Berlin for the anniversary. Under the slogan #contentfirst met on June 29 and 30 The biggest players in e-commerce. Of course, Diva-e should not be missing: under the motto “Experiences for the love of customers for life” we look forward to welcoming you together with our partner. Where to find us In Hall 2, Platform 106
Meet us on site!

Partner Contribution: Shopper’s Journey Study – How do we tick when shopping?

Customer-centric thinking and action It is the highest priority for both commerce and industry. who – which Understanding individual shopper journeys The individual needs associated with them are an important basis for optimal design of focal points. In collaboration with the Rheingold Institute, GS1 Germany and Holistic Consulting, seven specific customer journeys emerge from the Shopper Journey Study to Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) including profiling and positioning strategies for retailers and manufacturers.

Galleria boss commits team to new online store, gorillas getting involved in manufacturers, expensive super-fast deliveries

Tonight passed the new online store Gallery Online, which should be central to the new company’s strategy. “It is no secret that in terms of our online business, we have to catch up not only with a little, but a lot,” CEO Miguel Mullenbach wrote in a letter to the workforce, which WAZ quotes. According to Müllenbach, the new online store should give branch employees access to the entire Galeria collection and have real-time inventory, according to “WAZ”. The online store should gradually get more functionality and eventually become a “racing car”. In addition, Mullenbach announced the redesign of the branch in Oberhausen Center And investments in the logistics center in Una.

Fast food delivery service gorilla He wants to significantly expand advertising space selling, product placement, and data analysis for consumer goods manufacturers and sees this as an important revenue stream for his future. “Gorillas can offer complete packages for branding – from advertising banners to customer data,” said Alexander Pronst, director of Gorillas from Welt. Be among the first test partners of the line of business Unilever And the L’Oreal. the topic Advertising Grants or. Retail media Long for classic groceries like repeat or for internet providers like Amazon A huge deal that makes traders less dependent on the often thin trading margin.

Like a gorilla, they pretty much all have it Super fast delivery services Huge problems to operate profitably. As a result, some providers have had to give up completely or at least withdraw from various markets. But why is this? One explanation seems to be that not all express delivery customers are in any way willing to pay the full price for delivery in just a few minutes. In April, 49 percent of all deliveries were from gorilla Discounted in Germany. as well as in GoPuffIt is the largest express delivery service in the United States, and the value is said to have been 30 percent, according to US-based specialist Quartz.

Rewe plans to Pick & Go in Berlin, Globetrotter starts second-hand portal, Otto Up with changes

After the successful start of “pick and go” Last year in Cologne repeat Bringing the concept of hybrid shopping to Berlin. After a store conversion at Schönhauser Allee 130 and in-house testing, customers should be able to choose to pay the traditional method at checkout or without the “Pick & Go” payment process from late summer. Using camera and sensor technology, purchases are recorded securely and in a data-efficient manner and billed automatically after you leave the store without the checkout process. The technology comes from an Israeli startup Triple visionin which Rewe also participated as an investor.

outdoor trader nomads Launched a new online platform for trading used equipment. Individual items are offered there that were previously purchased by other consumers, Neuhandeln reported. In order to sell products to Globetrotter, customers are required to select the relevant item from the list, rate the condition and upload an image of the product. Globetrotter then calculates the user’s suggested purchase price and provides a free shipping label. Upon receipt of merchandise, items are manually inspected, cleaned, photographed and then resold. Globetrotter had previously displayed second-hand products in its branches.

Otto He has his own rewards program Otto App Significantly streamlined, as Neuhandeln reported. As before, it is divided into a free basic version and a paid Plus version for 9.90 euros per year, which includes a fixed price for shipping, but not for market products. The essence of the program for both versions is that you get 1 point for every full euro spent. There are now also points for product reviews if customers have purchased the relevant product from – to be precise, 50 items per review. Points can be redeemed for vouchers that customers can redeem upon purchase. For 250 points there is a voucher worth five euros.

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H&M closes China flagship store, Walmart with new AR functionality, and Amazon’s standalone robot

Swedish fashion chain Your Majesty It closed its flagship store in the Chinese economic city of Shanghai. A very symbolic move, because the store, which opened on three floors in 2007, was the first ever H&M store in China. Like its competitors, H&M is grappling with the recent coronavirus shutdowns in China, but also with reactions to the company’s refusal to use cotton from Xinjiang province. Experts accuse China of being responsible for massive human rights violations against the Muslim Uyghur minority there.

American retail giant Walmart Works on New features with augmented reality OutsideFrom the beginning of July, customers will be able to set up and view furniture and furnishings virtually in their own rooms in the Walmart iOS app. The function is called “View in your space” and will be released later for Android and mobile browsers. Another augmented reality tool that Walmart is currently developing is intended for use in Walmart stores: here, customers can use a smartphone app to filter products on the shelves according to their personal preferences. This is intended to help customers, for example, who are looking for gluten-free products. Discounted products must also be visible in this way.

Took more than ten years Amazon Kiva Robotics Specialist. With “Proteus,” the online retailer has now introduced a mobile robot that guides boxes of goods and containers through warehouses and navigates employees carefully and safely, Computerwoche writes. The robot drives independently, which is different from previous models that maneuvered on lanes or had to be used in a separate area. Amazon also wants to develop its own warehouse automation with additional bot systems. “Cardinal”, for example, is a robotic arm that can lift and move parcels weighing up to 25 kg.

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