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  • Ideal framework terms for professional development in a prime location: XXXLutz Academy North focuses on training to become a retail professional
  • Wolfsburg is already the sixth location of the company-owned national training academy
  • This unique graduate program offers four degrees in just 38 months
  • Germany CEO Alois Kobler: “Our people are an important cornerstone of our success – as an employer with our finger on the pulse, we see it as our duty to create the best possible framework conditions in terms of training and further education.”

Fast forward: XXXLutz Group of Companies officially opened the newly created Nordic Academy of Training, Further Education and Advanced Training in Wolfsburg, thus constantly continuing its course of well-established training individually tailored to the needs of employees. XXXLutz once again emphasizes its industry-leading role in this area – the Northern Academy in Wolfsburg is already the sixth location of a company-owned training academy, so there are already two assembly academy centers in Anzing near Munich and Braunschweig, one of which is the Kitchen Competency Training Unit in Mannheim and the Specialized Trade Academies In Augsburg and Würzburg. Due to the high demand, the main focus of the Northern Training Academy in Wolfsburg is on qualification as a commercial specialist. In addition, there is a large training center for the owner-managed group of companies based in the German headquarters in Würzburg in Main Franconia – where the in-house staff development team of 30 meets permanently to develop training programs, seminars, learning technologies and the strictly e-learning field to expand further . “Our people are an important cornerstone of our success – as an employer with our finger on the pulse, we see it as our duty to create the best possible framework conditions in terms of training and further education,” says Alois Kobler, CEO at XXXLutz in Germany.

XXXLutz offers tailored career and development opportunities

“In an ever-changing world of work, at XXXLutz we count on a wide range of opportunities for professional development in a modern and strongly future-oriented environment. Both are community in our new company-owned academy in Wolfsburg, another building,” said Tobias Barthel, Director of Training at XXXLutz, at the official opening. At Wolfsburg, “prevent to give employees the best possible and to offer development opportunities and jobs tailored to meet their needs”.

The latest technology is the norm at XXXLutz

Modern equipment with the latest technology and various forms of face-to-face, mixed or fully digital training are essential to meet young people in particular and win them over to XXXLutz. Added to this are the many opportunities to climb the career ladder at XXXLutz – more than half of the management positions in the industry leader are already held by employees who have completed their training in the company – and this trend is on the rise! “The prospects are excellent, there are no limits at XXXLutz, with our offerings we tackle the individual strengths of our employees at a very early stage and gradually expand their skills through our own programs and well-known external partners such as Akademie Handel,” says XXXLutz Head of Training Tobias Barthel.

Four degrees in 38 months

Handel Academy will also design content with its lecturers in Wolfsburg and accompany young people along with coaches from XXXLutz Personnel Development on their path to becoming retail professionals. Retail Clerk, Trade Specialist, Seal of Internal Management of Company and also the Recognized Qualification to be able to train yourself from now on: XXXLutz, as one of the largest furniture dealers in the world, has already started a high school graduate training program in 2019, which was unique in its Germany which is now also offered at the new North Wolfsburg Academy. Two state-recognized vocational courses and additional accredited qualifications come at the end of the three-year course, which are also paid above average and for which XXXLutz also bears a significant portion of the travel and accommodation costs. About 60 young people will be the first to complete this unique training in the summer. A total of more than 200 high school graduates aim to earn these degrees starting in fall 2022 within three years.

North Academy is the point of contact for employees from 15 locations at XXXLutz

Although there are significant differences in training and further education from state to state across Germany, XXXLutz has created a new training program in cooperation with the famous Trade Academy, which is currently offered across the country in all 49 branches for young professionals with a school diploma. Secondary – Fellows Fellows from branches in Lower Saxony (Braunschweig, Nordhorn, Posthausen, Salzbergen, Olzen, Wolfsburg) and Schleswig-Holstein (Kaltenkirchen, Neumünster) as well as North Rhine-Westphalia (Essen, Freudenberg, Hennef, Iserlohn, Ludenscheid, Oberlenhausen), now Würse This can be done entirely in Wolfsburg. “No matter where the furniture store is located, all potential XXXLutz commercial specialists have had the same prior training, so they have the same high level of technical knowledge and can therefore be flexibly used as general experts,” explains Annette Schell, Director of the Bavaria/Swabia Higher Academy Handel at the Munich Academy.

XXXLutz is again recruiting 1,000 new interns this year

At the beginning of the new training year in the fall, XXXLutz will once again employ around 1,000 trainees across Germany in sales outlets, service centers and central regions. When qualifying as a commercial specialist, XXXLutz is based on an above-average wage from the start: the training wage is at least €1,000 and can be almost twice as high in the last year of training, but is guaranteed at least €1,500 total in the third year of training. . “It is no longer enough today to rely on you being a strong and established brand when hiring employees,” emphasizes Alois Kobler: “We have to make our employees and managers of tomorrow’s offerings attractive and reward them with the same attractiveness. This is the only option how we can maintain our sustainable expansion path and meet Our own standards in terms of exemplary service and utmost customer satisfaction.”

Training at XXXLutz has received many awards

By the way, the vocational training at XXXLutz is literally excellent: this is confirmed by the business magazine “Capital”, the talent platform “” and the employee marketing agency “Territory Embrance”. Red chair furniture stores are rated five stars out of five in the “Germany’s Best Coaches” certification. Europe’s largest rating platform Kononu also named XXXLutz as the “Best Company”. “This is a confirmation of what we live together every day and how diverse and solid our foundations are in carrying out the topic of training. These awards are an incentive for us to continue in the same way,” confirms Alois Kobler.

The new Nordic Academy in Wolfsburg is not only perfect from a geographical point of view, as the infrastructure built there provides a total of 45 modern training venues. However, not only retail professionals are trained in different rooms, but also new and trained employees undergo several days of qualification here, for example, and more trainings for managers and old employees are held regularly.

XXXLutz Group of Companies

XXXLutz Group operates more than 370 furniture stores in 13 European countries and employs more than 25,700 people. In Germany, more than 11,000 employees contribute to the success of the group, which operates 49 XXXLutz furniture stores and 46 Mömax Trend fast food stores in Germany. With an annual turnover of €5.34 billion, XXXLutz Group is one of the largest furniture retailers in the world. More than 1.6 billion euros in sales of POCO (8,500 employees) was also accumulated in the joint procurement association GIGA. The XXXLutz Group has been headquartered in Germany in Würzburg, Maine Franconia since 2009. In the context of further expansion, a completely new corporate headquarters was built there in 2019, which provides employees with an attractive working environment.

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