Training and Celebration Space: Opening of the renovated Equipment House

FFW Loh-Wischlburg’s “new” tool house has just opened.

The Loh-Wischlburg Volunteer Fire Brigade celebrated the inauguration of the renovated and expanded equipment house on Saturday evening, June 25. Father Dr. Michael Kaufman gave OSB the official blessing.

The festivities began with a service at the Rococo Church in Luo. Father Kaufman said in his sermon: “It is not just about the fact that there is now a new building that can be used by firefighters. It is a home that serves the community, and it must be full of life, not just for emergency operations, danger and emergencies. It is also a meeting point for courses and additional training. And last but not least, the comrades’ compass.”

Further: “Apart from this new building, it will be crucial what talent and commitment individuals bring in, and what they invest in the good spirit of the house in its various forms.” Father Dr. Among other things, Michael Kaufman cited the spirit of camaraderie, the spirit of service, friendship, and loyalty.

After the service, the five community fire services, FF Irlbach and several local clubs moved to a marquee in the equipment house, accompanied by marching music by Spirifankerl, who also performed the hearty music of the tent.

Mayor Juta Studinger welcomed Father Dr. Michael Kaufman, Deputy District Superintendent Roman Fischer, City Council members, District Fire Inspector Erwin Furzer, District Fire Chiefs Sandra Buchel and Jurgen Kaines, Commander Joseph Kreiner, and President Matthias Stethemeier.

Staudinger described the renovation and expansion of the Tool Hut as a “long and difficult birth,” but the result makes it easy to forget. She thanked the community, especially Claudia Domashka and Willie Fishel, who were still involved in the beginning of planning. The mayor also thanked architect Christian Zellner, who was unable to attend, as well as the county fire inspectorate and, above all, everyone who contributed to the success with their immense personal contribution. This includes the construction yard, the companies involved, and of course the municipal council. According to Studinger, the realization of the project documents the high esteem in which the fire department is held, and is a guarantee of safety. They did not rely on the plan for the requirements of the fire brigade, but on the three pillars “Heart, Brain and Hand”. That was a step in the right direction, according to the mayor — and FFW Loh-Wischlburg has been around for 129 years.

Father Dr. Michael Kaufman congratulated OSB before the blessing (photo) of the gadget on the success. Deputy District Director Roman Fischer brought compliments from Bernd Sibler, who was unable to attend, and expressed appreciation for what had been achieved. Good work needs good tools, says Fisher, and that’s what the tool shed did.

Commander Joseph Crainer thanked the previous speakers for the words of appreciation, they were very satisfied with the result, the personal contribution was “higher”, and they were not alone in the proceedings. Clearing began on February 15, 2019 and ended on June 22, 2022, according to Kreiner.

Now the house should be filled with life, and with 20 young people for every 300 residents, he is not worried. With a training room equipped with media technology and state-of-the-art sanitary facilities with a toilet for the disabled, they are now state-of-the-art, according to the commander.

The new car was inaugurated on August 29, 2021, and all external facilities including paving work were carried out in-house. Special thanks to Robert Woody, but everyone’s commitment was overwhelming. The building fits perfectly in the overall picture of the place and has allowed the previously good camaraderie to grow again, says Crainer, who thanked the community for the support.

District Fire Inspector Erwin Worzer conveyed the congratulations of District Fire Adviser Alois Schraofstetter and recalled cramped conditions prior to the diversion. Now there’s room for training and parties, which FFW Loh-Wischlburg deserves.

At the end of the solemn ceremonies, Jota Studinger handed the token key to Commander Joseph Crainer. Afterwards, we celebrated in the marquee with delicious dishes and iced drinks. Later Hubert “Maus” Stettmeier provided lots of laughs and good entertainment with Gstanzeln’s hilarious about diversion. – s

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