Berleburger Regupol BSW GmbH was awarded for training

Siegen Wittgenstein.
IHK re-certifies Berleburg. There is also another Wittgenstein certificate in Bad Laasphe.

A number of companies in the Siegen Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) region – including several in Wittgenstein such as Regupol BSW GmbH in Bad Berleburg – are doing an excellent job of training. Some demonstrate these achievements with the South Westphalian Training Seal of Approval. The seal certifies high quality in criteria such as the selection process, training instruction, feedback and training success.

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“Anyone who undergoes an extensive audit receives detailed feedback on their training processes,” emphasized businessman Christian Kuchershedt, head of the IHK Siegen Vocational Training Committee, when presenting the testimonials.

New Certificate Shows Success

14 companies were once again honored for their commitment to the “Training” theme. They have been certified since 2018 and have now gone through the complex certification process for the second time. Regupol BSW GmbH, Karl Hess Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Kirchhoff Automotive Deutschland GmbH, Muhr und Bender KG, Robert Thomas Metall- und Elektrowerke GmbH & Co. KG, Schäfer Werke GmbH & Co. KG – Steel and Plastic Technology, Siegenia – Wants Group and Slawinski & Co.

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Meik Womelsdorf, Director of Human Resources and Training at Regupol BSW GmbH in Bad Berleburg, stresses the importance of the company’s quality seal: “Re-accreditation shows us our special status in the field of training and the success of procedures after the initial audit. We also like to continue to improve in the future, and therefore look forward to To ratings, criticism and suggestions from our reviewers. And of course we want to use our seal of approval to stand out from the crowd of coaching companies.”

More safety for trainees too

In the course of obtaining certification, the company’s training processes are objectively evaluated in terms of quality. The strength of the seal of approval is that this assessment is done by regional experts such as coaches, human resource managers, teachers, and labor union representatives.

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“The Seal of Consent serves as a guiding aid for school children, their parents and career guidance coordinators in schools,” Sabine Besheim, Director General of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, explained during the award ceremony. “With the Quality Seal, we want to make sure that the value of apprenticeship training is once again the center of attention. All the companies involved here are making great efforts to ensure that interns are well supported through their training. Interns can be sure that they will find the best possible opportunities to start their career there.”

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