The entire restaurant industry is complaining of an acute shortage of staff

FSGG has weathered the crisis as a reliable employer.

Evidence in the German hospitality industry is a slight easing, but high food prices, delivery bottlenecks, ever-increasing energy costs, high inflation rates, price pressures and rampant staff shortages don’t make things any easier. The air becomes thinner. “The way out of the crisis can only be mastered by a joint effort,” says Frank Schwartz, Managing Director of FSGG.

Many employees have left the hospitality industry during the pandemic and found new jobs in other areas. “It was not too risky for us because we sought to speak with our staff at an early stage,” the 56-year-old explains. “Although our core workforce remains, we are now facing the challenge of recruiting new colleagues. The catering industry has been particularly affected, with most of its staff lost as a result of the occupational ban imposed.” The market has been empty, and there is great uncertainty among potential applicants .

“The staff shortage in the entire hospitality industry had already increased dramatically before the pandemic,” explains Frank Schwartz, who is also vice president of DEHOGA North Rhine. The epidemic has exacerbated this situation. However, not only the hotel, gastronomy and restaurant sectors are affected. There is a shortage of skilled labor throughout the German economy, including skilled trades. Our current challenge is primarily to bring back our colleagues who previously worked in the hospitality industry and to inspire young people to pursue professional training in our industry. In North Rhine-Westphalia in particular, the remuneration of apprentices has been raised to industry levels, making entry into the world’s most attractive trade more financially attractive to young people. In addition, the training professions were expanded and the training content was adapted to modern gastronomy. ”

Of course, the past two years have also left their mark on FSGG. “Without our wonderful employees, we wouldn’t be able to survive economically. Our team has stood behind us without any reservations or reservations. The majority of our employees have remained loyal to us and have not migrated to other sectors. We come out of the crisis stronger and together we can look to the future with a little more optimism than our colleagues.” others”.

“The past two years have exacerbated the situation in the labor market”
Frank Schwartz, Managing Director of FSGG, Master Butcher and Vice President DEHOGA North Rhine

Despite the upbeat mood, skyrocketing food, energy and staff prices is causing deep concerns. “Restart is currently only possible with the handbrake on. That is why we rely more than ever on reliable points of view,” says Frank Schwartz, referring to political support. “Only in this way can the competitiveness of our industry be enhanced and maintained in the long term.” The first step in the right direction is the permanent reduction in value-added tax on food and the complete elimination of food.

In order to be able to cope with the shortage of skilled workers, the catering company of the Duisburg wholesale market attaches great importance to the training of its young professionals. “Apart from the exceptional situations that have been given to us in the past two years, the hospitality industry is and will remain a trusted industry,” FSGG Coach and Head Chef Roger Ashthrath says with certainty. “We have been a trusted and recognized training company for decades. What we are lacking are the right trainees. Here too we depend again on the support of politicians. Service and craftsmanship have golden soil. Over-education must end. Not every student is fit for a degree. Much is lost Young people a lot of the time when they sit in front of us and interrupt their studies and ask for vocational training. This is where high school counseling should start.”
In the professions and in the hospitality industry, high school students of the time became the pillars of today’s middle class. “That is why we need school children again who stand up to the academic frenzy and who, with a good high school or high school diploma, aim for very interesting, well-paid and highly flexible apprenticeships in our industry. Teachers must also take this seriously, and align their lessons accordingly and show the necessary respect for our field.”

Frank Schwarz Gastro Group is currently looking for a Project Manager for the Catering District as well as dedicated Chefs, Young Chefs, Kitchen Staff as well as Delivery Drivers and Kitchen Staff. Students who are planning an apprenticeship with one of the largest catering companies in the Rhine-Ruhr after the upcoming summer holidays can also apply.

FSGG Event Kitchen offers many career opportunities in the catering sector
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