When a father becomes a murderer: these children died at the hands of their terrifying fathers

What makes devoted parents suddenly turn into monsters and kill their children? The criminal history is full of horrific cases in which parents became murderers.

Children do not feel as safe with anyone as they do with their parents – parents in particular do everything they can to see their children grow up protected and safe. But there are cases in police files over and over again, in which the caring fathers of the family at first sight become cold-blooded killers and go down in criminal history with incredibly cruel acts.

Stepson beaten to death and buried: infanticide shocks Russia

One such case recently occurred in Russia: a five-year-old boy was found dead on the banks of the Kuban River. What at first glance appeared to be a missing persons case with deadly consequences turned out to be a maliciously planned crime: the young boy’s 28-year-old stepfather, a man named Sergey B., was convicted. The agonizing death of five-year-old Fufu. Together with the boy’s mother, Sergey B. baby bodyTo distract attention from his actions.

The corpse was bitten by mice! Terrified father lets his four-year-old daughter die in agony

The case of a four-year-old boy was no less surprising girls He had Down Syndrome and died in Brisbane, Australia dead body Little Willow was found at her parents’ home in May 2020. The girl’s father, James D. During police interrogation, he discovered his daughter’s death in her bed, but Australian investigators found. The four-year-old was severely malnourished at the time of her death, and the little body seemed to have been lying in the crib for a long time and had been bitten by mice. James D. He was charged with murder along with stepmother Willow.

The father kills his son (4) and hides his severed body in the freezer

It is perhaps one of the most bloodthirsty cases in which a father becomes a murderer Cassin Weaver case who killed his four-year-old son and kept the body in the refrigerator for years. Eliel Adon Weaver, as the little boy was called, died at the hands of his father, who chopped up his son’s dead body and placed it in the refrigerator of his Virginia home. The boy’s body remained there unnoticed for years until a relative of the family provided information about the missing child until then. During a house search, the police made the shocking discovery in the refrigerator, where Cassin Weaver and his wife, Dina, were arrested. According to research, young Eliel was brutally tortured and physically and mentally abused by his father during his short life.

Conspiracy theorist kills son and daughter over ‘reptile DNA’

In the summer of 2021, a family drama made headlines that caused panic for a variety of reasons. Matthew Taylor Coleman, a 40-year-old surf coach from Santa Barbara, California, gruesomely murdered his two children. Little Caleo (3 years) and his little sister Roxy, who was only ten months old, died. After her father fatally wounded her with a spear. The 40-year-old father fled to Mexico with his son and daughter in order to end the lives of his descendants. Later, the infamous reason for the double murder came to light: Matthew Taylor Coleman was convinced that he had to kill his own children before they became monsters. A follower of the Qunun conspiracy group is convinced that his sons carry “reptile DNA,” reason enough for the conspiracy theorist to kill his son and daughter.

Because she wasn’t a boy! Father kills his newborn daughter with five bullets

A family tragedy also occurred in Pakistan in May 2022, more specifically in the village of Minanwali. There, a seven-day-old baby girl, Jana, was shot dead by her father. The young daughter was the first child of Mishaal Fatima and Shahazib Khan, but the new father was not happy with the birth of the girl. Preferring to have a son rather than a firstborn, the 24-year-old raged, drew a revolver and fired five fatal shots at the girl. Police chased the escaped child’s killer for four days before arresting him.

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