Jungfrau Zeitung – Canton must move forward with nursing training

Great advice in brief | June 15, 2022

In the fight against a shortage of nursing staff, the Bern cantonal parliament is pushing for a rapid training offensive. It calls for a comprehensive climate action plan.

Trade unions are also using demos to press for speedy implementation of the sponsorship initiative.Photo: Keystone, Anthony Annex

The Swiss people accepted the sponsorship initiative in November 2021, said movement makers from Greens, Center, SP, EPP and GLP. The importance of the training attack remained undisputed. The cantons will have to create the foundations for this.

Opponents of the progress asserted in vain that the federal government was in power. Supporters responded that there was no time to lose. The proposal obliges the Council of Government to create the necessary legal and financial foundations for the training offensive in the canton of Bern. This is intended to support students who complete nursing training at a University of Applied Sciences or Higher College of Technology.

Hospitals, nursing homes, Spitex organizations, and midwifery training centers must also receive support for their work in the hands-on training of qualified nursing professionals. Universities of applied sciences and higher technical schools should receive grants to increase the number of training places. The Council of Government only wanted to accept the proposal in a non-binding form of postulates.

We welcome exams in Munsingen

The Grand Council welcomes the fact that the canton is investigating the allegations against the psychiatric center in Münsingen. The council clarified this on Tuesday by referring a proposal from Melanie Jacir (GLP) as a Muslim. Jacir submitted her proposal in February. Finally, the Directorate for Health, Social and Integration (GSI) called for its duty of supervision and examination of media reports on various incidents at the psychiatric center in Münsingen.

Psychiatric Center Münsingen.

Psychiatric Center Münsingen.Photo: Keystone, Peter Schneider

In mid-May, GSI’s health department commissioned an outside expert to investigate the allegations. It mainly concerns the use of coercive measures and the previous employment of people from the controversial life environment and “cherry blossoms” therapy community.

The Board unanimously welcomed the investigation that had begun. Two identical points were transferred from the initiative by 147 votes to zero.

Parliament calls for a new green deal

After Graubünden, the canton of Bern will also receive a comprehensive action plan for climate protection. With 86 votes to 61 and five abstentions, the council approved the “Green New Deal” proposal, put forward by Jean Raymond (the Greens) and fellow activists from seven other parties at the end of 2021. Fractions of the SP, the Greens, and the EPP helped, And the Green Liberals and the vast majority of the middle on a breakthrough. The senior vice president and FDP member also voted yes, a look at the voting history shows.

According to the proposal, the government council should “present a comprehensive action plan covering both climate protection and adaptation to climate change.” It should indicate what measures are necessary, their cost, when they should be implemented and the legal basis to be established.

Clear Conditions Before Changing the Motor

The canton of Bern should only allow the municipality of Mutter to move into the Jura once property negotiations between the two cantons are finally completed. This is the opinion of the vast majority of the members of the Supreme Council. By 126 votes to six, he rejected a proposal by Etienne Kloppenstein (SVP/Corgémont) in the form of an assumption. Kloppenstein said in the council that things must be properly organized before the canton can be changed.

Moreover, the Great Council:
  • A hypothesis was rejected by Maurane Riesen (PSA) aiming to ban sexist advertising in public. By 74 votes to 73, with one abstention, “No” came as soon as possible.
  • He approved a loan of 7.4 million Swiss francs by 127 votes to zero. The funds will be used to extend the Practice Assistance Program to further training of potential general practitioners for a period of four years.
  • By 93 to 49 votes, a motion by Anne Speiser-Niess (SVP) was passed. It requires clarifying what the emergency concept of birth centers should look like.
  • The minor judicial reform was passed unanimously, consisting of two amendments to the cantonal constitution, a revision of the law and an amendment to an ordinance. The two constitutional amendments have not yet been presented to the people.
  • By 105 to 39 votes, Melanie Jacir’s (glp) proposal, which is intended to prevent the apparent cut-off of outdoor hospitality areas, was accepted. Catering establishments should have enough time to reduce their outdoor areas again after the pandemic.

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