Emmerich: Students explore the professional fields of Probat

Entrepreneurs Guild: School students from all walks learn about seven careers training professions at Probat Werke. Meet the robot “Panda”.

What do I want to become? The answer to this question was not at all easy for young people. An internship, company visits, or job application training can give them an important motivation to choose a career. But all of that disappeared in the past two years because of Corona. “We’re all so much happier that our truck of information can get going again,” said Jennifer Middlekamp of the Entrepreneurs Association’s regional administration in the Cliff and Borken regions.

Gimborn Maschinenfabrik Gmbh now has a total of about 50 spaces available for fieldwork explorations on the Probat-Werke buildings. Among the guests in the information truck were the eighth graders from the Comprehensive School in Emmerich. In the small Corona-compatible groups, they helped: Young people were controlling the machines and producing samples. They were able to experience live productions using 3D animation. “Touch and do it yourself” – this is the only way to get acquainted with the profession, says Jennifer Middlekamp. “Technology is nothing but a gray theory – that’s what we want to impart to students.”

Robot “Panda” helps students

For eighth graders, the exploration was the so-called career field exploration as part of the school-to-work transition system in North Rhine-Westphalia with the title No Degree Without Contact (Kawa). There were Probat-Werke interns, who reported on their research, decisions, and past training experiences, as well as a new member of the trucking team: the “Panda” robot, a so-called cobot designed for people to work with together. Together with him, young people assembled a gear train.

The information truck visit was followed by a company tour and Probat training workshop. Probat has been coffee processing solutions for 150 years. The company is the global market leader in mechanical and plant engineering for the coffee and food industry.

Responsible education

“Even in the first year of training, our interns independently plan and implement projects using company resources. Through projects, motivated interns experience the importance of personal initiative and structured planning,” explained Commercial Training Director Jörg Gabriel. Whether you’re an industrial mechanic, an industrial engineering electronics technician, or an IT professional: Probat offers comprehensive, practice-oriented training as part of a total of seven commercial and handy apprenticeships.

During the company tour and training workshop, students learned what is important in the company and why training in the industry makes sense and is also fun. In light of the many questions young people have, Malte Schulz, a teacher at the Municipal Comprehensive School in Emmerich, said: “We want to empower boys – especially girls – to see the bigger picture. Anyone who finds here and now that you can really make a difference in such a profession will be remembered. later when it comes to looking for an apprenticeship.”

Create professional foundations

Elisabeth Schulte, who is responsible for the school/business field at the Employers Association, explained, among other things. “That way, they can get a real picture of the training there as a basis for making decisions about their career.”

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