The Kolping-Salzstetten family: Development aid campaign defies terrorism in Mozambique-Horbe and surrounding areas

Terrorists destroyed the church in Mosimboa. Photo: Kolping Family Salzstetten

The Kolbing-Salzstetten family has redesigned its annual development aid campaign. The main objective of the funding is to build a monastery and health center in Nampula, Mozambique, in 2022. The monastery in Pemba, which was previously supported, fell victim to terrorism.

Waldachtal-Salzstetten – This is intended to give a new impetus to the campaign after 50 years. Some adjusting screws have been readjusted to make the direct assist more attractive.

Annual project changes in rolling mill system

The first starting point is funding: Since home collection will not be possible in the future for various reasons, the community discussed at the last public meeting to renew the Campaign for Aid Development. The procedure should continue in a modified form. Artur Wollensak confirmed the approval: “This is our brand!”

The General Assembly therefore decided to burden the newly defined annual Mozambique project at the new site in the Diocese of Nampula by 50 percent and the other three projects with the remaining 50 percent of donations. Starting in 2023, the annual project, which kicks off each year, will be accompanied by a development project from Kolping International. Blanca Essig called for Kolbing’s women’s projects to be taken into account.

Donations to original projects are still possible

The following also applies: Targeted donations to traditional Salzstetter projects such as Children’s Meals in Peru, Street Children in Kinshasa and Kindergarten Works on Flores Island in Indonesia are possible at any time and will be sent. Thus, donations earmarked for all Salzstetter projects can continue to be made since then.

Instead of a home collection, future donors will be asked to remit their donations. “Donation receipts can be issued if the transfers are received by December 15 of the respective calendar year,” explains Chief Financial Officer Hans Dausch.

The operation continues 700 km to the south

At the 2022 annual project in the East African country of Mozambique: After the Benedictine monastery of Saint Pachomius, which opened in October 2019 in the village of N’Nango in the north – 40 kilometers west of Mocimboa da Praia – was destroyed and burned, the Benedictine missionaries of the responsible monastery in Ndanda / Tanzania decided to They dare to build a new monastery 700 kilometers to the south. Reason: The security situation in N’Nango has not improved to this day.

However, the monastery in the diocese of Pemba would not be abandoned, even if the Benedictines could not return in the near future. N’Nango will be developed further once this becomes possible again. The new site in the Nampula Parish, which has not yet been selected, is classified as a “very safe area”. Abbot Christian Timo of Ndanda Abe writes: “The security and stability necessary for the development of the Mission are guaranteed in Nampula.”

The health center will be built

Top priority: “With regard to social projects, health services and youth education are at the top of our agenda.” Therefore, the Kolping Salzstetten family supports the construction of a health center on the new site. Training African Youth is a project in the spirit of the Kolping Association. Because: the mission remains the same, only the location changes. “Currently, attempts are underway to acquire a plot of land on which the monastery will be established,” says the abbot of the monastery.

Archbishop Ignacio Sauer of Nampula called the Benedictines in February 2022 to open a Benedictine institution in his diocese. Mission agent Maurus Runge of the German Benedictine monastery of Königsmünster in Meschede, through which the project is being funded, hopes for plans for the target site at Nampula.

Information: Donations for “Business Development Aid 2022”

Donations can be transferred to the donation accounts of the Kolping Family Salzstetten with the note “Action Development Aid 2022” at local banks. A donation receipt will be issued upon request.

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