Ukraine war: Great Britain wants to hand these weapons over – despite Putin’s threat

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Britain promises Ukraine heavy equipment and training. Russia announces its response to the new supplies.

The West wants to provide Ukraine with more heavy weapons to defend the country against Russia Invade in order to support. On Monday, Great Britain announced the delivery of more weapons, and heavy equipment will again be delivered from the United States and Germany. Russian President Vladimir Putin responded with threats. Brief overview in questions and answers.

What is being delivered?

Britain wants to supply Ukraine with multiple long-range missile launchers for the first time in combat. The British government has indicated several missile systems of this type M270 With a range of up to 80 kilometers in the country, according to BBC information, there should be three initially. “As Russian tactics change, so must our support,” British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said on Monday.

The high precision weapons It would allow Ukraine to better defend itself against the brutal attacks of Russia, which destroyed cities with long-range artillery.

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What can multiple rocket launchers do?

The M270 multiple rocket launchers can fire 12 missiles per minute, and have a range of about 80 kilometers. Only artillery of much shorter range is currently in use in Ukraine.

The US also wants to provide similar artillery equipment: US President Joe Biden announced last week that he would send to Ukraine the so-called HIMARS systems, multiple launchers from US manufacturer Lockheed Martin that are more mobile than the M270. The range of these missiles is also about 80 km – according to the manufacturer, missiles specialized for use in the system can fly up to 300 km.

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How did Putin react?

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Western countries over the weekend long range missiles Delivered to Ukraine. On Sunday, he said, according to Russian news agencies, if they did it anyway, “we will draw the appropriate conclusions and use our weapons (…) to hit things that we have not hit before.” So he did not say what potential new targets are at stake.

With his threat, Putin wants to destabilize the West and prevent the delivery of aid to Ukraine, according to the assessment of the heads of the Bundestag Defense Committee, Marie Agnes Strack Zimmermann (FDP). “We must be careful not to use this Russian version,” she told this editorial office. The Russian president will only enter into talks with Ukraine if he realizes that he cannot be successful in the long run.

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What does that mean for the course of the war?

Great Britain is talking about a “significant strengthening of the capabilities of the Ukrainian army”, which should mean the delivery. “With continued support from the international community, I believe Ukraine can win,” Defense Secretary Wallace said.

Former NATO general Hans Lothar Domrose expects foreign arms shipments to Ukraine in late summer to be a turning point in the war with Russia. “Until now, Russia has been superior,” Domros told this editorial office, but sooner or later they would be in great material need. In late summer, supporting Ukraine with heavy weapons could lead to one turning point In the balance of power: “So Ukrainian soldiers are well trained on Western systems, while Russia feels the sanctions and can no longer build tanks and ammunition to the same extent.” (tma/jdö)

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