The Ukraine War: How Germany Trains Ukrainian Artillery

In 40 days, the Ukrainians will be trained in Germany for Panzerhaubitze 2000. Then they will return to the war against Russia.

rhinoceros, bull or rhino It is discussed in the Bundeswehr as the name of the howitzer. Finally, the team gives all of their vehicles animal names. Another suggestion was to name the 57-ton artillery piece with its eight-meter barrel. However, since no agreement could be reached, the simple name of the plant remained Panzerhaubitze 2000. The Bundeswehr in Germany is currently training 18 Ukrainian crews in the ultra-modern rifle.

The steel car rushes up a hill, and the ground is moved by the chain drive. If the crew fires one of the 155mm projectiles, they tremble high tech cannon From recoil force, as shown in the Bundeswehr video to the suspenseful music: “few guns achieve such a colossal effect.”

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Ukraine War: Howitzer fired three rounds in ten seconds

Howitzers can fire three shots in ten seconds with one It has a range of 40 km. The gun is maneuverable and can change position quickly. The video continues, “self-propelled howitzers support the combat forces in combating fire with their artillery.”

Shooting, driving, maneuvering, that’s what Ukrainian soldiers study at the artillery school in Idar-Oberstein in the Rhineland-Palatinate, technicians learn at the army school in Aachen. Germany and the Netherlands are working together on this, and together they supply twelve howitzers to Ukraine: seven from Germany and five from the Netherlands. Ukraine has Experienced artillerymen in battle He was sent to train on a weapon unknown to them.

Ukrainian soldiers return to war against Russia

“They came from the war, so to speak,” Inspector General Eberhard Zorn said in video form from the German Army. “But looking into the future, when the training is complete, she will of course do so Go back to war. A senior soldier in the Bundeswehr recently attended a training course for the Ukrainians. Zorn was there when they fired their first live howitzer shot.

For training, the German army searched for Ukrainian-speaking soldiers in its ranks, and civilian translators were also employed. to me software training German, Dutch and Ukrainian IT specialists were added.

“The gun crews faced new challenges here, because the gun is actually very high tech,” Zorn says, describing his impression. The training program is specially designed for Nearly 100 Ukrainian soldiers Designed, which was flown from Poland to Germany.

Ukraine: The training of soldiers must continue until the end of June

The standard crew consists of a gunner, a driver, a gunner and two shooters of ammunition. Typical training in the German army lasts from three months for a gunner to 33 months for a gunner. Ukrainians do not have much time: Russian forces are advancing in the east of the country. So Ukrainians are trained faster: “We’re assuming an average of 40 days of training,” Zorn says. The program is adapted to the skills of Ukrainian artillerymen. “These are all experienced.” Read also: Did the German army grow in the hearts of Germans?

40 days is a long time in this war. Under no circumstances should the impression that the federal government is on the brakes: Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) recently confirmed that the term had been agreed with Ukraine. “This is also important, so Soldiers don’t become targetsso that they can fight accordingly.”

At the end of June, crews with Twelve howitzers returned to Ukraine. In addition, Ukraine is getting “supply packages,” Zorn says. “Well, there’s ammo, there’s spare parts kits, and there’s similar support with special tools.”

Education does not legally make Germany a party to the war

It is important for the federal government that Germany does not become a legal party to the war by training. Experts confirm the assessment. Ukraine is allowed to defend itself by force of arms against this hostile Russian aggression. This also applies here The right to collective defensewhich means that other countries such as Germany have the right, and possibly the obligation, to provide military support to Ukraine”, says Christoph Saverling, Professor of International Law at Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen-Nuremberg, to our editorial team. As a result, Germany does not itself become a warring party Immediately “. Read also: Scholz prepares Kyiv anti-aircraft system

According to Saverling, the deciding factor regional side. “According to international law, the limit will be exceeded only if German soldiers are active on Ukrainian soil – the Bundeswehr will not even have to take part in the fighting in the country for this, the training of Ukrainian soldiers is sufficient.”

Do Western weapons change the balance of power?

Ukraine hopes that the howitzer will make a decisive contribution to its ability to defend itself against the Russian offensive in the east of the country. “The support from Panzerhaubitze 2000 should be considered in relation to military assistance from Western countries to Ukraine as a whole,” former NATO General Hans Lothar Domrose tells the editorial team. So far, the Russian army is superior, but sooner or later it will face material distress. “So the delivery of weapons systems to Ukraine is very beneficial, and this includes self-propelled howitzers.” valuable contribution. “

Domros adds that the Twelve Cannons “are not the world”. “But this is much better than nothing. It is better to come late than never. “The former general of the German army is sure:” In late summer, supporting Ukraine with heavy weapons could lead to a turning point in the balance of power. “Then Ukrainian soldiers will be well trained in Western weapons systems and can successfully defend themselves against Russian attacks. There is a possibility of a ceasefire.”

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