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Bernau/Biesenthal: The nature park town of Biesenthal can look forward to a totally positive week. After the groundbreaking for the new gym was laid on Wednesday, the opening ceremony of the Milestone Day Care Center was celebrated yesterday.

The 10th regional market with a round table around the old oak tree will also be held in Bisenthal next Sunday.

Biesenthal is growing! More and more people want to live in the green city. More and more homes are being built in the new development areas and families are enjoying their new surroundings. This development also led to the need for another day care center in Bisenthal. More and more people are moving here means further development of social infrastructure.


The new construction of the “Milestone” day care center provides space for 80 children. Construction at Weprajetzkyweg is done in plank construction. The progress of construction changed almost daily and the fit-out ceremony could already be celebrated. A large, light-flooded building presents itself here as a new home for the city’s youngest residents.

The sponsor for the new facility is MAHALE GmbH, which was able to inspire city council members with their concept as part of a tender for the sponsor. The coronation ceremony was celebrated with the Director of the Office André Nedeln, Honorary Mayor Mr. Carsten Bruch, members of the City Council, representatives of the Planning Office and construction companies, as well as representatives of MAHALE GmbH and other guests.

After a few solemn words and the address of induction, given in an entertaining and meaningful way by the carpenters from Feuerbach, as well as the obligatory nail-biting, the new building was roasted. I hope the building is stable and the new residents are always accompanied by happiness and blessings.

Overall, construction costs are currently planned at €5,981,000. Subsidies of up to €270,000 have been provided as part of the district’s development budget for outdoor and open facilities. A decision is expected in June.

The measure is self-financed by the city of Bisenthal and represents a significant part of the total financial payments in the budget. It is due for completion at the end of August 22, but will likely be delayed until October, according to the city of Bisenthal.

Sources used: City of Biesenthal, Biesenthal-Barnim office / Cover photo: from left; Jonathan Jasper, Boris Oberwallini, Ole Feuerbach and BM Carsten Brosch

10th regional market with round table around the old oak tree in Bisenthal

Celebrating the Anniversary: ​​The Biesenthal Regional Market is now being held for the 10th time. On Sunday, May 15, 2022, market stalls, a platform, and many guests will greet the square in front of the historic half-timbered Town Hall around Christmas.

It starts at 11:00 am, with colorful stands serving a wide range of products from our region: fresh salads and delicious cheeses from Barnim, young plants for the garden, sausages and bushmeat from Uckermark, and much more, most of which are organically grown. Here you can get to know farmers directly and start a conversation with them.

For those hungry, there are organic sausages, wild goulash, all kinds of vegetarian dishes and soups, and the famous homemade saj cake from the wood-fired oven at Kulturbahnhof Biesenthal. Plus fresh beer from Barnimer Brauhaus in Hohenfinow. Handicrafts from the region include porcelain, hand-stitched, stitched and felted items, sheep wool products and much more.

As always, the little one will open the festival musically at 11 am: children from the childcare center in Sankt Martin, followed by the Kalèsch group from Eberswalde. At 12 noon, when the midday bells ring, the mayor invites you to the round table around an old oak tree for free organic vegetable soup and homemade bread from the wood-burning oven.

And watch out for children! The great magician Gilbert will swallow you balls again, amazing cloth artist Patria Krupa will swing in the branches of a large oak tree, Roberta Anequino has brought a puppet show with her, and “Wu East Bowl” – a still very young band from Biesenthal – created music with pop elements Rock and blues. (Information: Local Agenda 21)

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