Saxony police want to get rid of transgender people

Dresden.The case, which is currently dealing with the administrative courts, has already attracted circuits in the Saxon police force. The head of the Saxony state police has now also taken part. Because the questions discussed in the legal dispute are very sensitive for the Saxony police. The police want to remove from their ranks a police candidate who applied as a woman and was hired – but was identified as a man during training.

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Read more after the announcement

The police candidate now insists on his right to complete his training. But riot police accuse him of fraud.

Passed the entrance test as a woman

In this case, the first thing to do is ask formal questions. What is certain is that the police candidate passed the recruitment test – including sports exams – in the summer of 2019 as a woman. After starting his police college training in the fall of 2020, he finally realized he was a man. So is his lawyer.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

According to LVZ’s information, the police have indicated internally that life as a condom or future sex change was not the reason for the police candidate’s expulsion. The riot police command accuses the junior officer of telling the truth. While applying, he had to fill out a questionnaire. He stated that he did not receive psychiatric treatment. This is exactly what Saxon police are interrogating, with reference to his later identification as a man.

Did the police officer tell a lie?

Police officials assume that the current police candidate was already on psychological counseling during the recruitment process due to his gender identity. It is said that this came out of the police medical examination of the case, which began after the start of his training. For this reason, riot police withdrew his probation in August 2021, and he is no longer supposed to complete his training.

The flip side indicates that in the summer of 2019 the parents only went to see the healer. Your child should only be present at the practice. Nothing wrong is mentioned during the recruitment process.

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Read more after the announcement

Court order: Applicant may continue training for the time being

The primary decision in the legal dispute is still pending. However, at the beginning of April the Supreme Administrative Court (OVG) in Bautzen decided that the person concerned can first resume police training: his own interest outweighs the public interest in abolishing civil servant status.

However, the Supreme Administrative Court also tended to believe that the young police officer was already receiving psychiatric treatment in the summer of 2019. However, one must take into account in a major procedure, among other things, that he was a minor when filling out the questionnaire, According to the decision.

The Ministry of Interior did not comment on the case when asked: “We cannot provide any information on the specific facts of the matter for reasons related to the protection of personal rights,” a spokesperson said. “Basically, the gender and sexual orientation of people who apply to the Saxony Police in the selection process do not make sense – there are equal opportunities for everyone. Anyone who provides comprehensive and honest information in the application process has no flaws.”

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Read more after the announcement

Lawyer: ‘The police must also comply with the law’

The police candidate’s lawyer, Helmut Schwartz, took further legal action on Wednesday and filed a new application with the administrative court in Chemnitz: So far, the riot police have not indicated where and how his client can continue his training, even when asked. In addition, no salary will be paid. Therefore, on Thursday, Schwartz filed an application to enforce the Supreme Administrative Court’s decision within two weeks and otherwise a fine of 10,000 euros: “The police must also comply with the law.”

The Saxony Police Union is also monitoring the case. “It is completely incomprehensible to me that the implementation of court decisions, which appears to the employer as a personal defeat, is progressing so slowly,” says Chairman Hagen Heusgen. The hostility must end.

This article first appeared in “Leipziger Volkszeitung” (LVZ).

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