How comfortable are union parties looking for their president

“Who will be the mother of the next Germany?” The bearer asked the matter against the gravity of the animal, while no one knew that he might be the next father. Is it permissible to add some consideration not intended to be serious to Armin Laschet’s Aachen Carnival speech? Tä-tää, tä-tää, tä-tää – here they are: from what we hear, the union parties agree on the speed with which a new party leader and candidate for chancellor should be elected; The phrase “quickly, but not hasty” became the language of choice.

Of course, this is only the smallest denominator of everything and nothing and one can also say “not too fast and not too slow” or best of all, one should try Karl Kraus immediately (“in doubtful cases, make the right decision”) to accept In general processing times and waning torque are everywhere. So far, only one thing seems certain: the candidate for the Federal Chancellor will be decided either in the spring, summer, fall or winter, that is, by “December” (AKK), but in any case before the 2021 federal election and not after, unless, People have already stuck to Christian Lindner: “It is better not to judge than to judge wrongly.”

However, if there is also agreement in the Union that it is wrong to rule, that is, to rule as such, and above all to form a coalition, is wrong, way worse than wrong judgment, then the selection of a candidate after the election will still be so. It would be as unproblematic as possible, yes, it would in principle be the smartest thing and at least CDU would be very good at it. The AKK could quietly build a non-successor in the Chancellery and, if necessary, defend her against snipers without her mother’s interference. During this time, which alone determines the term she selects, she will of course remain the party chairperson, especially since she will remain undefeated in the election campaign, and will still have the first right to reach the chancellor’s nomination, at least informally and unchanged, provided that Merkel does what You do it better: “It is not easy” for yourself to decide whether to run for a new position and finally put yourself back to do it again, of course only because of the “challenges” the country faces again and no one can sit like you, Mother Merkel.

In theory, the union could take its time until the beginning of 2025 with his successor. “Who,” asked Lachet, “who, for his part, is already faced with the question of whether a man can really become a counsellor,” should do it? I don’t know.” We know: a person who is not ashamed of the seven days of the week. And if my father continues to be If we have Saturdays, there will be only one.

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