Care Day: Knowledge, Values ​​and Well-being – at Vincentinum

Team oriented, safe and diversified – here you can find out what training as a Vincentinum Nurse Practitioner has to offer and what the trainees themselves have to say.

What should my apprenticeship be like? Young people often face this question after graduating from school. The answer often remains a mystery, however: Some adjectives that describe a dream job are often used: diverse, safe, attractive, team-oriented – and best associated with a deeper meaning. This is exactly what training to become a Vincentinum Clinical Nurse Practitioner offers, right at the heart Augsburg Located.

“The job is demanding — but it also gives you so much in return,” says Brigitte Ritter, chief of nursing. So you have a lot of responsibility, but you can also contribute to the healthy recovery of patients through your actions – and you will also get a smile or a thank you from them.

Diverse activity

The nursing profession is dynamic and crisis-resistant, which means it is constantly evolving. “You can learn about many areas of medicine and nursing. Depending on your personal strengths, you can then continue your education, for example as a wound manager or pain nurse,” explains Alena Domberger, who works as a practical instruction coordinator at Vincentinum Clinic and used to work there as a nursing specialist. Very important here: “You have to be able to rely on each other in the interaction of different disciplines,” knows Lara Dreyer, who is currently in her third year.

Brigitte Ritter emphasizes: “Having our interns is important to us, as is giving our interns the support and support they need so that they can develop into courageous and self-confident nursing professionals.”

Four questions, four answers

What does this mean Care At the Vincentinum clinic?

Bridget KnightAdministration, care administration: “We take our patients very seriously in their individuality. For us, quality care is characterized not only by a high level of professionalism, but also by the courage to work proactively in the treatment team for a patient’s concerns. Successful relationship work is crucial here, characterized by empathy, mutual respect, a friendly word and a pleasure to laugh together.”

What are the training requirements to become a nursing specialist?

Alina DombergerPractice instruction coordinator: “First of all, you must be interested in medicine and nursing and be able to demonstrate that you have completed high school. You must be a reliable team player and have a high degree of motivation, initiative and commitment. Social skills and empathy are also particularly important. We attach great importance It is on our interns who develop a sense of how to apply the knowledge they have gained in a way that is appropriate for each patient.”

What sets Klinik Vincentinum apart as a training company?

Gianluca OlitaFirst year of vocational training: “The Vincentinum is a medium sized institution so you are not just a number, you are part of a team. You receive very one-to-one support during training and are encouraged by a lot of constructive and positive feedback. As a student, a lot has been explained to me and I trust the things that I am allowed to do on my own in a year The first is from vocational training. I also often heard: Thank you for being there and for your commitment.”

Why did you choose this The period of training in the profession Established?

Lara DreyerThird year of training: “After graduating from high school I did Federal Volunteer Service in Nursing and noticed that you get a lot of gratitude in return. That’s how I discovered my profession. I like knowing that my work makes sense and helps others. It is all about providing the best nursing care to each individual patient. Plus However, the nursing profession is very crisis-resistant. I can only recommend doing an internship before choosing a job-tasting apprenticeship.”

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