As an ambassador for crafts, Innocent Mhlanga from Zimbabwe educates other immigrants about craft training

“Information is power” is the motto at the home of Innocent Mahlanga. As a trade ambassador, the Zimbabwean-born electronics technician informs other immigrants what dual training means.

Innocent Mahlanga Make it. 2 years ago closed education to me Electronic Technician for Energy and Building Technology Away. “Top of the class” confirms the 28-year-old. Immediately after that, his boss gives him his own project. A newly handyman takes care of a new customer of Elektro Ohligschläger GbR in a construction management job. Sven Ohligschläger, Principal Electrical Engineer and Managing Director of Craftworks from Würselen, praises “Inno makes up for the lack of experience with specialized knowledge”. However, the success story is coming bumpy start Before.

An alternative to studying

Innocent Mhlanga Photo: © Aachen Chamber of Crafts

distance secondary school in zimbabwe Innocent Mhlanga wants to “do something technical”. His good grades help the young African get a degree Scholarship. The money is used to finance a short stay abroad. choice stands out Germany. He got one at the Sprachenakademie Aachen German language class. His original plan, a technical topic to to study, but he rejects it. “My language skills weren’t good enough for that.” He is looking for one alternative. Online, he came across the crafts room in Aachen.

Electronics technician training

A committed employee who takes care of him. “Mrs. Lüke-Kreutzer got one quickly traning time Like Electronics Technician by Mr. Ohligschläger Worried,” Innocent Malanga recalls the welcome officer, who has since passed away, and who was like his ‘second mother’. In the middle of his two-week internship at the electric company, it’s clear he will education can start. “These three and a half years have been a wonderful year challenge. I can speak a little German, but I He knew The Terminology No. “

Support from teachers and colleagues

The innocent Mhlanga they have Master the language challenge – Thanks to the teachers at Northern Vocational College, as well as thanks to his coaching company. “Our Inno always supported I offered him the opportunity to call me or a colleague at any time if he had language problems.” Sven Olegschlager. But he hardly accepted this offer. “He is very ambitious and wants to get a foothold on his own,” says the 16-man managing director, looking back at Innocent Mhlanga’s apprenticeship.

Information for immigrants who – which Federal Institute for Vocational Training The BIBB answers frequently asked questions that may be relevant to immigrants on its website. The FAQ List “Tips for immigrants” contains information about training, work, studies, doctoral studies and how the German vocational training system works. The FAQ List Recognition of Foreign Qualifications lists sources where immigrants can find information and advice on recognizing qualifications they have obtained abroad.

character ambassador

for him expertise with the Dual vocational training Innocent Mahlanga passes it now. “Most Africans who come here have never heard of the German training system. I want to give them this information. We say ‘information is power,'” the electronics technician explains voluntary commitment. He has been one of the eleven “Character Ambassadors” in the United States for about a year Handicraft room in Aachen. They came from Zimbabwe, Colombia, Tajikistan, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine and Turkey.

Craft ambassadorsAbout immigrants And People of immigrant background They are supported by ambassadors to make it easier for them to find their feet in the job market. Craftsmen with an immigrant background who are already successful in their profession share their experiences with those who seek advice. They tell their success stories and give courage. Craft ambassadors Supported and escorted by full-time employees of the craft rooms participating in the initiative. The initiative is being implemented by the Central Office for further training in skilled professions as part of the “Integration through Qualification” program, which is financially supported by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Cooperation partners include the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Federal Employment Agency.

escorting ambassadors

Ralph Elmans (right) accompanies Innocent Mlanga on his duties as Trade Ambassador.  Photo: © Craftsroom in AachenRalph Elmans (right) accompanies Innocent Mlanga on his duties as Trade Ambassador. Photo: © Craftsroom in AachenRalph Elman Accompanying trade ambassadors on missions. “They set a good example and should show other immigrants that vocational training is worth it, despite some efforts,” he explains. Acquisition of young talents Responsible Staff of the Chamber of Crafts in Aachen.

The Ambassadors and Ralph Ellman are looking for that above all else Live chat With young people and their parents but also multipliers such as teachers or social workers. Participants of the Language Academy have been repeatedly invited to training workshops for corporate training. “A refugee from Iraq was surprised that programming a CNC machine is part of the training in Germany.”

Ambassadors build networks

The character ambassador Build their own with their volunteer work network employment. Sven Ogleschlager has already benefited from this. One of the eight trainees at the Electricity Company is a young man refugee from Afghanistan. “He’s very excited, but unfortunately he had to redo the first year of his apprenticeship.” The loss of lessons at the vocational school due to the Corona virus cannot be compensated for despite the company’s tutoring. Especially Language deficiency It was very big – on both sides. “innocent We have someone TransferWho speaks Farsi? After consulting with the employer, the trainee from Afghanistan is now given tuition fees once a week on the basis of 450 euros.”

Two ambassadors in the company

Volunteer participation is Sven Ohligschläger Importance. Among other things, he is a member of the Committee on Profession and Master’s Examinations at the Chamber of Crafts in Aachen. “This commitment has a positive impact on personal development and you are technically up to date,” says Elektro Ohligschläger GbR Managing Director.

In addition to Innocent Malanja also Josephine linen Energetic. The Interns in the second year of training go as Education Ambassador to me High school. It gives young people, who are about the same age, an insight into her daily life as an aspiring electronics technician and generally informs them of job opportunities in the trade.

Education AmbassadorIn the online article “Interns announce apprenticeships” on we report on apprenticeship ambassador appointments in North Rhine-Westphalia.

From ambassador to ambassador

“We were in basic school. After our presentation, three girls asked Josephine about the company she was training with,” explains Ralph Elmans, who accompanies both the Training and Trade Ambassadors on their assignments. Manal Training Ambassadors GroupLike refugees Came to Germany, he can already Win three letter ambassadors. In his view, they both share a passion for their profession and convincingly promote vocational training.

Ambassadors should set an example

“Out of fear and laziness, many students decide not to get vocational training. Instead, they go on to go to school or enroll in a university. Ambassador should an example Be this one choice Vocational training is worth it‘ says Ralph Elmans.

Sven Olegschlager agrees. But for him, the focus is not on the interest of his company, but rather “that we can motivate young people with ambassadors to for us Exciting and varied professions – fact independent of who are they the origin“.

The best example is working in his factory.

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