Singing: Movement Day shows schoolchildren how diverse craft training can be

The saying “Handwerk hat Goldenen Boden” supposedly dates back to the Middle Ages and was supposed to refer ironically to the poverty of the master craftsmen. But this is different today. There is a demand for craftsmen like never before.

450 pupils from seventh to ninth grade schools in Senjin can discover prospects for young people taking up crafts on ‘Crafts Open Day’ on Friday, May 20. 44 companies participate in the 14th edition of the event.

organization team

The organizing team includes many different representatives. Also in attendance were: Wilfried Trahe (President of Singen aktiv), Claudia Kessler Franzen (Managing Director of Singen aktiv), Mayor Bernd Häusler, Werner Gohl (Artisans Committee), Karin Marxer (Constanz Chamber of Crafts), Johannes Breschel (representative of schools Singen), Jan Bucher (Chairman of the Parents Advisory Board), Sieglind Tumansky (Singen City – School/Business Coordinator) as well as Josef Stedel and Ulrik Sutter Stedel (Sauter GmbH).

The team informed representatives of the media how Open Crafts Day should go. It is especially important for all partners that participating students and their parents better understand the future potential of the trade.

Students go to the factories in small groups

On May 20, students can get comprehensive information on companies and ask various questions. This time, the organization is the same as last September, when students were already in small groups at companies due to the Corona pandemic.

“Career guidance is one of our primary tasks and on this day we would like to give students a bouquet of colorful flowers so that they can find the right job,” said Johannes Breschel, Schools Representative in Singen.

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Meeting organizers (from left): District youth worker Waltraud Weber, youth worker Jonathan Schmidt Fernandez, ...

The students were able to identify the companies they were previously interested in. In the post you will also find questions that you can ask when visiting the company. “As parents, we are delighted that this is happening today, because many coaching professions have changed and new ones are constantly being added,” said Jan Boucher of the Parents Council.

What is included in the training

Wilfried Trah von Singen aktiv briefly introduced the most important aspects of vocational training. In addition to being responsible and involved from the start, this includes solution-oriented work, creativity, the perfect combination of theory and practice, and training allowance right from the start.

Skilled professions offer secure jobs, the opportunity to be self-employed and, after the master’s exam, it is still possible to study.

Crafts are still looking for young

“Today we want to show how modern and powerful this craft is,” said craftsman Werner Jules. Current numbers also show that companies are desperately looking for interns. Jens Walter of the recruitment agency announced that there are currently only 110 applicants for 183 training positions registered with the recruitment agency Singen.

“Last year, there was a girl at the Open Craft Day. She will be doing an internship with us soon and would like to be a painter,” said Joseph Stedel of Sauter, as they are looking for apprentices.

Educational Partnerships & Other Offers

“In light of climate change in particular, we need young people who we can inspire with the fact that crafts have golden soil,” said Mayor Bernd Heusler. The city has been supporting the school-to-work transition for many years with its own office.

There are also 44 educational partnerships with companies and schools, and application week is now being offered at all schools in Singen. There are currently 610 craft companies in Singen, 200 of which can provide training. At the moment, only 102 companies offer courses.

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