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The Alliance for Training and Further Education partners are starting their Summer Vocational Training again this year. Federal Chancellor, Olaf Schultz, welcomes the coalition in a video message.

The campaign targets youth, parents and businesses. Important topics are covered at many events at the federal, state, and regional levels from May to October: career orientation, the attractiveness of training, talent diversity and subsequent placement.

The Summer Vocational Training was held for the first time last year and was very successful with over 800 events and great response in social networks. (#trainingSTART)

In the current situation, it is especially important to strengthen the skilled labor base in Germany. Dual training is the driver for hiring skilled workers. In more than 320 dual training careers, young people can use and develop their individual talents and strengths in order to start the future with a wide range of employment and development opportunities.

The procedure is for the internationally known The successful German model of dual training As well as various support offers are announced. The goal is for as many young people as possible to be able to start their apprenticeships at the company in 2022.

Federal Minister of Economy Robert Habeck: “Dual training offers young people many exciting and challenging careers in which they can, for example, actively help shape the energy transition. In the energy and mobility sectors, in digitalization – well-trained specialists are sought everywhere and the basis of that is provided by During dual training. Together with the “summer of vocational training”, we want to make young people interested in training and help them find a suitable offer for them. We need more focused career advice and we have to promote dual training at all levels. And the alliance is one of them a good base ” .

Federal Minister of Education Bettina Stark Watzinger: “Dual training is an excellent start to a career and offers many opportunities: secure jobs today and very good development prospects in the future. That is why I participate as Minister of Education in the summer of vocational training. Our joint efforts are enormously important, because we need them today and more workers are urgently needed.” I hope that as many young people as possible will start vocational training this year!”

Federal Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Hubertus Hill: “Whether it is a workshop, an office or a bakery – an apprenticeship is the beginning of an exciting career and opens up good prospects for the future. The aim of the summer of the apprenticeship is to inspire young people to do apprenticeships. An important element here is to provide information about the numerous internship opportunities. I am glad that after months Corona long, this is again possible on site in schools and at trade fairs with consultancy by employment agencies and youth employment agencies.With the summer of internships, we also want to enable students to get a taste of working life as soon as possible through student internships and experience their strengths and skills In the company. This is how we support today’s students to become tomorrow’s professional trainees the day after tomorrow.”

state chief Reem Al-Abali – Radovan: “More than a third of young people aged 15-25 in Germany have a family history of emigration. Of course, they must have the same opportunities for quality training, and we must ensure that in all sectors qualifications are decisive, not name, appearance or origin Dual training is an excellent entry into the professional world. And most of all the diversity in our society is reflected everywhere, whether in the DAX group, in the craft business, in the district office or in the Federal Administration. We must be and become a role model. To lead the federal government with a diversification strategy so that everyone has the same opportunities to enter and be promoted.”

Detlev Shell Federal Employment Agency Chairman: “At the beginning of the ‘summer apprenticeship’, employers nationwide again reported more training places, but the number of applicants continues to decline. This is why coordinated initiatives by the ‘Coalition are needed’ for further training and education.” After the difficult years of the pandemic, it is now especially important not to lose any young people in the transition from school to work. Our common goal is that as many young people as possible receive sustainable professional services and perspectives – and dual training delivers this in Almost all professions and at the same time we make a significant contribution to securing skilled workers in our country.Therefore we actively participate in the “Summer of Vocational Training” through various campaigns and events: we inform and guide young people on-site and digitally, and also support companies in this to turn young people into workers We support them financially, for example through introductory qualifications or ‘assisted training’.

Karen Brin, Chairman of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Minister of Education, Science and Culture of the state of Schleswig-Holstein: “The prospects for a successful start in a career with an apprenticeship have rarely been more favorable than they are now. Comprehensive information opportunities. Explore the diversity of the professional world and its associated career prospects.”

Friedman SchmidtPresident of the Federation of Liberal Professions H. V. (BFB): “Despite the difficult epidemiological conditions and the war in Ukraine, companies in liberal professions, industry and trade as well as handicrafts are still committed to training young people. We are confident that we can continue the success story of this year’s “Summer Vocational Training” after increasing New contracts from September 30, 2021. With the substantive priorities of “vocational guidance”, “attractiveness of training”, “diversity in vocational training” and “post placement” are the right areas of work to enhance vocational training. Dual training and subsequent additional training continue to provide young people The best career prospects and options, including self-employment.All talents are welcome and needed in order to master the future issues that lie ahead, whether it is transformation, energy and mobility, the creation of affordable housing, the digitization of management and business or demographic change.As a training company, we want to encourage Young people to pursue their career path with us and find the right training for that.”

elk there, Vice President of the DGB: “The best recipe against the shortage of skilled workers is high-quality and attractive training. During the summer of apprenticeships, young people can learn about a large variety of professions and companies that can actively employ young people. We appeal to both sides, consulting – and making extensive use of information offers There is still great potential from young people who want to receive training but need an opportunity to do so. So all efforts should be focused on providing adequate training and filling places.”

Information about Summer Vocational Training and the Coalition for Education and Training can be found here.

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