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witches in fire

In several places in Radeburg and the surrounding area, fires flared up again on Saturday. to choose.

by Thomas Dirndl

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After breaking Corona for two years, burning witches are finally back.  Many clubs invite you to spend the winter in Rödertal.

After breaking Corona for two years, burning witches are finally back. Many clubs invite you to spend the winter in Rödertal.
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RADEBURG. Witch fires weren’t allowed to be lit for two years, and now it’s finally time. On Saturday, wood piles were set ablaze in Radeberg and the surrounding area. Clubs, fire brigades and individuals have been preparing for this event for days. SZ gives an overview of when it started at individual sites and what is on offer in each case.

Rhedeberg: Dance on the island of Kollrapi

Perhaps it will not be the largest charming fire in the Dresden region, but certainly the most beautiful, according to the organizers, will occur on the island of Kohlraby in Radeburg. This must be true, because Al Jazeera Club has years of experience in this event. In the years before the Corona pandemic, hundreds of visitors came to the Goldbachgrund fire pond to see witches burn. The Winter Family Party takes place on Saturday at 6.45pm. RSV’s Children’s Walking Squad provides a warm-up. Young musicians will play live at the opening. The children’s dance group can also be seen at RSV and of course enthusiasts from Kohlrabi Inselverein came up with a cute story about the winter witch. As always, there are giant sausages for adults, sticker cakes for the little ones and drinks for all age groups. The music for the dance comes from Condor discotheque with DJ Holm. The witch’s fire in Goldbachgrund is the best chance to meet friends, acquaintances and family again. There is also what is said to be the best early sausage of the year. Kohlrabi were never humble. Early Friday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., natural dry timber can be unloaded on site “in normal household quantities.” However, this must be agreed upon in advance with the members of the Kohlrabi Island Association.

Rädeberg: fire big and small in Friedrichstall

After a long absence, the organizers from Erlebnishof Friedrichstal are glad to finally be able to invite you to the Witch’s Fire again. The charming fire pit is the same as it was in the years before the pandemic at the start of Friedrichstall. Drinks will be served from 5pm on Saturday. The stick cake is distributed free of charge to the children. This can be “baked” on the separate small fire pot. Music is also provided. Very few can resist the delicacies of grills, fish rolls and sweet and savory crepes. From now on, cuttings and untreated timber will be accepted at Erlebnishof Friedrichstal. Operators say: “Please do not offer root balls and treated wood.”

Rhedeberg: Liegau celebrates in two days

The Liegau-Augustusbad witch’s fire will be lit from 5 pm in the meadow at the corner of Langebrücker Straße and Radeberger Landstraße. The festival Fridolin and Fridolin are also present. There is face painting and pony rides. Porte comes from Playport in Dresden to visit. Of course, a snack is also served. If you don’t have enough to celebrate on Saturday, you can continue on Sunday. From 10:30 in the morning the organizers invite you to a pint in the morning. The wood can be delivered from Thursday at the specified point.

Langbroek: The witch is on fire in Huvives

Saturday will be fiery on Hofewiese. Two years after the coronavirus-related deadline, the property celebrates the Walpurgis family in Dresdner Heide on April 30. All kinds of things are served and the beer garden is decorated and lit. Kids can try their hand at archery and at the large craft stand there will be face painting and pony rides on disguised horses from 2-4pm. The Vollmann puppet theater opens at 4 pm, and from 5 pm a “witch fire” suitable for children’s burns. At 5.30 p.m., the straw witch must enter the fire. Then it’s time to dance at the witch disco with DJ Markus Hartig in the beer garden, which turns into a May dance for adults from 7pm to 10pm. Submission is free. From May, Hofewiese is also open during the week except on Mondays. Tuesday to Friday from 11 am to 7 pm, on weekends and public holidays from 10 am to 8 pm, also longer for events.

Ottendorf: a fire broke out in the stadium and in Wachtberg

After a two-year break, it’s time again. The FV Ottendorf-Okrilla 05 sports club and the Ottendorf-Okrilla fire brigade club invite you to the “Freundschaft” stadium, Frankenfurt 5, from 5 pm until the witches burn. Drinks and barbecue counter are open. Entry is free as usual. A second witch will be burned with the participation of the fire brigade from 6 pm in the Wachtberg in Ottendorf. The youth fire torch holders guarantee a special atmosphere. The bouncy castle and the witches of Wachtberg are waiting for the kids.

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