Swimming gets cooler in Helden

Stadtwerke Hilden saves energy
Swimming gets cooler

Public utilities reduce swimming pool heating to save energy. This already applies to Hildorado and in a few days also to the jungle gathering. The outdoor pool opens on May 9.

Swimmers in a hill Dorado and in a jungle pool don’t need a wetsuit yet – the water is still hot in most pools. But not that much anymore. Guests of the two Hilden Swimming Pools are required to handle one to two degrees lower. “About six percent of the energy can be saved per degree Celsius,” explains Sabine Müller, a spokeswoman for the city of Stadtwerk. In addition to lowering energy costs, the company also wants to contribute to the federal government’s call for energy savings.

Anyone who’s been swimming in the Hel Dorado in the past few days has already experienced the new temperatures firsthand: In order to counteract the increase in costs due to energy prices, the water temperature has already been lowered there, Mueller explains: “The leisure pool is now 30 degrees Celsius.” C, and the baby pool and whirlpool are 34 C lower than each. In the swimmers pool, the temperature has been lowered by two degrees to 25 C and in the non-swimmers pool to 26 C.” Heldorado has its own state-of-the-art heating and power plants. “It runs on natural gas and produces heat for the swimming pools, but also some necessary electricity,” a company spokeswoman says.

Guests barely noticed the slight dip, but for a utility company, each rung results in about six percent energy savings, explains Dirk Bremermann, director of the Helden Bathroom Center. The jungle pool opens on Monday 9 May – and the water temperature stays cooler there too. “The pool will be heated to 23 degrees Celsius next season. Sabine Muller explains that the water temperature in the pool for non-swimmers is 24 degrees. 2 degrees colder each time.

    The water temperatures in Heldorado have already been adjusted.

The water temperatures in Heldorado have already been adjusted.
Photo: Kohlin, Stefan (Teff)

Much will change for Waldbad’s visitors in the new season: “The last two years we’ve been in corona mode,” explains Thomas Kaiser, Waldbad hotel manager: The day was divided into two shifts, the staff had to do that cleaning and disinfecting the pool. Initially, only 300 guests per time period were allowed into the jungle pool, and later it became 1,200. “In the new season, there is no longer an upper limit,” Thomas Kaiser explains. Municipal utilities also canceled the shift form. Swimmers can now theoretically stay in the jungle pool from 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays. But the end of the system transformation is not the only change. From May 9, the side cash register can be used again, but only by Geldkarte holders. The main payment process is divided into cash payers (here the cash card can no longer be used) and online customers. “Online booking has proven itself during the Corona pandemic, so we will continue to deliver,” explains Sabine Muller, a spokeswoman for Stadwerk. When checking out online, guests just need to show the QR code and they can get to the bathroom faster.

Hildorado is closed for annual maintenance June 13-24. “It’s two weeks before the summer break,” explains Sabine Muller. In all swimming pools, the water is drained, cleaned well and tiles replaced. “Close inspection is very important for technical maintenance which would not be possible with normal guest operations or would at least be very disruptive. Experts check roof structure and sliders.”

Public utilities do not only adjust prices in the forest group (we reported on them) – for example, adults will have to pay 4.70 euros instead of the previous 4.40 euros (more details in the information box). Visiting Heldorado is also becoming more expensive: “Entrance to Heldorado from 17 increases by 50 cents to 7 euros, for children and young people aged 4-16 from 30 cents to 4.30 euros,” explains Sabine Müller. Save up to €2.90 with morning and evening shows. “In addition, the digital benefits card yields the most discount, up to 17 percent,” confirms Dirk Bremermann. The sauna now costs €16 per day of admission. The 50 percent discount for ITER ticket holders in both pools remains unchanged.

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