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This year, the government supports all citizens due to many crises and challenges that make the cost of living more expensive for us. It finally becomes clear when the Corona Child Bonus for families will come and there is news for ALG II recipients.

The Corona Child Bonus should come as a family allowance in July 2022

Families have been bearing special financial burdens due to the Corona crisis for two years. The Corona Child Allowance was paid in order to ease the burden caused by short-time work, lack of childcare in some cases, and limited social assistance due to the pandemic. There will also be such a financial bonus in 2022: the so-called family allowance will be paid once in the amount of 100 euros per child. The bonus will be paid in July 2022 to all families who are entitled to a child allowance in July. So too for families who have applied for Child Benefit this month.

All Hartz IV recipients receive €200

The federal government also wants to support low-income earners and ALG II recipients this year with a relief package. According to today’s cabinet meeting, the additional €100 previously planned has been increased to an additional €200 one-time. According to, the funds should be paid automatically in July using the Hartz IV reference. Employees will receive an energy allowance of €300 from the relief package from their employers in September. The Bundestag now only has to agree to these decisions.

How is the Corona Child Bonus disbursed?

In May 2021, all parents of children entitled to child benefit can count on an additional €150 per child. From this year in July, an additional €100 of child benefit will be paid. The Family Benefits Office is responsible for payment. You will find information about this soon on the Familienkasse website. Last year, the €100 family allowance was paid a few days after the July child benefit was paid. You can find out when you will receive your child’s benefits from your child’s benefit number.

These families received the 2021 Child Bonus

In 2021, all children who are “entitled or entitled to child benefit for at least one month” received the Corona Child Benefit in 2021. You can also read about the detailed requirements for eligibility for child benefits from the Family Benefits Office. The money is not compensated for other social benefits that the family receives. Families living on the basis of security also benefit from the bonus and do not have to compensate for their service.

You do not have to apply for the Child Benefit or register separately with the Family Benefits Office. It is paid automatically a few days after the normal child is due.

According to

The basic requirements for obtaining child benefit are:

  • The child’s age is under 18 (under certain conditions, there are also funds for older children)
  • The child lives in his own home and is regularly cared for there
  • Your place of residence is Germany or any other country in the European Union for which child benefit is also paid

The Federal Department of Finance has created a FAQ that includes the most important questions about child reward, payment and benefits for separated parents, adoptive parents and parents of children in need. There you can read all the details again.

Single parents also benefit from child reward

In the case of separated parents, the parent who also receives a child benefit receives the child allowance.

“Unmarried fathers who receive alimony advance also receive a child bonus of 150 euros. The child bonus is not offset against the alimony advance. This means that the alimony advance will continue to be paid at the same level as before.”

A fundamental change in family benefits is required

In 2021, Uwe Kamp of the German Children’s Fund called for a general increase in financial and social support for families in need rather than a one-time bonus. Due to the pandemic-related epidemic and school closures, children are not only missing out on their daily food, but also missing out on social contact and learning support.

Additionally, many refugee parents and low-income families lack the appropriate technical equipment to enable digital homeschooling at home. Politicians must act here and generally support these families in the long run.

You can never get enough money. But how much money is actually necessary to live well and cover the costs?

Is our family a good team?

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