Refugee absorption: many municipalities are feeling overwhelmed

Status: 04/27/2022 08:53 AM

According to a survey conducted by Mainz Report Overburdened or even overburdened when accommodating refugees. Without private housing offers, the situation would be worse.

By Claudia Kavank and Alexandra Van de Poel, SWR

According to a survey of Germany’s 100 largest cities, nearly 41 percent of respondents feel burdened or overburdened by the influx of refugees from Ukraine. Cities indicated staff shortages and housing were among the biggest challenges. 66 cities participated in the survey.

“Especially cities that receive a large number of refugees are reaching their limits. You have to find a lot of living places very quickly. This does not always happen” You do not always exercise immediately and unfortunately leads to That people are sometimes housed in hotels or gyms.”

Private housing helps avoid overload

At the request of Mainz Report The city of Wiesbaden declared: “Without many private accommodations, we would have long gone past the maximum accommodation capacity in our community. So we’re at the limit and every week we’re faced with the decision to use gyms.”

The city of Bottrop declared: “At the federal and state level, it has not been definitively made clear how the costs will be borne. […] Municipalities cannot take on the extra burden.” Dortmund admits: “It goes without saying that in such a case overloads arise at all levels. “I wrote the capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg” (…) there is not enough space, for example, in the regular refugee shelters “to be transferred to emergency shelters.

Circumstances are partially frustrating

else Mainz Report– A survey of the responsible ministries of the federal states showed: at least 55,000 Ukrainians are currently living in collective housing for refugees. Hence, it should be distributed fairly to the municipalities.

Mainz Report Pictures of refugee housing have been leaked across the country. You can see: dirty cupboards, dead insects, mold and dirt.

Rotavirus case in mass housing in Hesse

Mainz Report I researched the case of a Ukrainian woman who lived with her three children at the initial reception center in Giessen. She reported that her one-and-a-half-year-old son was infected with rotavirus at the shelter. “He vomited for two days, had diarrhea and a high temperature.” Others fell ill the next day.

Rotavirus is a highly contagious diarrhea that is especially dangerous for young children. Despite her son’s illness, the Ukrainian was taken with her children to another primary reception center – to Marburg in a shared bus.

The Gießen Health Department admitted that “a person with a rotavirus infection has been reported at the initial reception centre”. Marburg’s health department wrote upon request that there were two cases of rotavirus in an emergency shelter in mid-March. The state of Hesse has not commented on multiple requests.

More federal money

At Monday’s Ukrainian Refugee Summit in the Chancellery, the Federal Government’s Commissioner for Integration, Reem Al-Abali-Radovan (SPD), announced that the federal government will support the federal states in absorbing Ukrainians and that the Cabinet will decide on a supplementary budget on Wednesday.

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