Fear of War: Amazing Strategies for Kids

Adults often feel powerless because of the Ukraine war. Children deal with it best – often with surprising strategies.

after two days Putin’s forces My daughter attacked Ukraine, dropped out of school and said, “Putin is a real piglet!”

The class teacher took her time, for two hours in the morning she tried to explain what was happening in Ukraine. And I was grateful that the teacher Mission Acceptable – but this also means accepting their statements.

Putin’s war: My daughter saw through the Russian president

I asked my nine-year-old daughter how she thinks, well, that Vladimir Putin looks like a pink animal with a nose. Her interpretation: “Our teacher says that Putin feels threatened by NATO and therefore wants Ukraine back. But I do not believe him. He already has the largest country in the world. Why does he feel threatened? And what does he want with the homeland if all the houses are broken? Rebuilding everything costs millions. So why release Fire on the Ukrainians?!” I was amazed at how quickly the kid discovered the flaw in defense of wars in general.

Children drew peace doves, peace signs, and olive branches in art class. All the symbolism of the peace demonstrations 80s Returned to the tutorial.

And instead of “We’ll rock you,” the kids sing “We want peace!”

In music lessons, children usually sing what is called “revitalization”, which is a song to catchy melody Queens “we will Rock You”. Helps prevent fatigue.

It goes like this: “We want, we want, we want, the beat! Likewise! When you feel this blow, step on your foot.”

These days the children have changed the rhyme to: “We want, we want, we want, peace! Peace! Do you understand this war, at least I do not!”

My daughter babbles about all this – after school. This is good.

Ukraine war: I can’t get the picture of a pregnant woman bleeding out of my head

I’m sad for her because she has to deal with this, but I’m also proud of the children because they are addressing and dealing with the issue of war and feeling wronged. As an adult, I often feel helpless when I see the images that videos play. A picture of a pregnant woman bleeding out of the maternity hospital in bombing in Mariupol I can’t get it out of my head. The woman and her baby died half an hour after they were rescued. If I The “Russians” in Sting And hearing the chorus of “I hope Russians love their children too” really makes me wonder.

Yesterday I stuck to this picture Klitschko brothers Hanging standing among the rubble. Vladimir looks frankly at a destroyed apartment building, while his brother Vitaly, the mayor of Kyiv, hugs a crying elderly woman. She buried her head on his chest. There is so much tenderness and despair in this moment that it hurts.

Ukraine: The school raised funds and donations

The school raised funds and donations for Ukrainian refugees. For days there was no other topic, my daughter picked carefully at the supermarket. It would be better to donate a canned vegan soup. Pads or tampons? Whole grain biscuits or rather chocolate for kids? The school raised €3,000 and 60 carefully packed boxes of biscuits, soup, toys, clothes, shower gel, tampons, towels and deodorant.

Andrei from Kyiv has been going to her class since last week. On the second day he wanted to solve the whole lesson. On the third day, the older boys assaulted him on the playground. His new colleagues ran to the new young man from all directions to help him. The children are fine.

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