Polytechnic classes in collapsed again soon? Old ideas must be re-launched

Dessau / MZ – There are well-equipped training rooms at the Dessau Vocational Training Center “Hugo Junkers”. Years ago, students from the Kreuzberg and Zuberberg schools were able to learn about professions and get a taste of hands-on work on a pilot project. Doreen Reinhardt, deputy principal at Anhalt Vocational School Hugo Yonkers, says the whole thing has “failed because of the money.” But is there a fresh start to this? Reinhardt is pro: “We have the possibilities. It should be used for all the students in the city.” Andreas Wibrachtsky, director of the all-day school in Zuberberg, would like to send his students there again.

These wishes were expressed at the artisan’s second breakfast, which artisan Karl Crockle invited on Friday. It is important that the craftsmen revive the “handicraft master plan” they started, thus pushing for solutions with policy, management and other partners.

Companies want students to be better prepared for training and working life

One of the important topics that burns on the nails is the provision of skilled labor and rehabilitation. At Elektro-Schulze’s headquarters in Mildensee, talks focused on preparing young people for vocational training. Because what is the best way to get them fit so that they meet training requirements, make the right career choice up front and avoid dropping out of training? The craft – and not only that – is urgently looking for young people. However, applicants often do not have the necessary skills.

The ‘Bravo’ apprenticeship days are meant to provide guidance, but is that enough?

With the newly launched Brafo Career Guidance Program, all students from grade 7 (excluding high schools) should be better informed about career choice. In Dessau-Roslau the start of the Kreuzberg school was at the beginning of April. A total of 480 students in ten schools in Dessau, Rosslau and Zerbst are accompanied by Vocational Training and Preparatory Work (BAWV) and the Zerbst Adult Education Center, Jan Lehmann, Managing Director of BAVW said.

Bravo is just one block in the country’s professional orientation. Specialized training days, where students can get a taste of working life in companies, are another. School Principal Wibrachitzky noted that due to Corona, this could not be provided at all. In his opinion, “working directly with companies is the most beneficial thing that can happen to us.”

Because of the shortage of teachers, soon there will be only four days of lessons a week at school? How is the fifth day used?

A model project for a “Community Polytechnic School” presented by Thomas Lippmann, State MP for the Left, goes a step further than all the programs launched in the state to date. In the district of Dessau-Roßlau, Anhalt-Bitterfeld and Wittenberg it declares that it must first be applied in community schools from the 2023/24 academic year. Pupils in the eighth and ninth grades are taught once a week for five or six hours in class by an educational institution. Young people should be exposed to four different professional fields. Training rooms in the Vocational School Center can be used for this purpose.

The school’s deputy principal, Doreen Reinhardt, says the vocational school center in Dessau has space and offers several training rooms for students. These can be used for professional guidance.

Photo: Thomas Rotke

The pilot project would also make sense because the provision of teaching in schools in the country is collapsing. Already there are a lot of failures. So the state has the idea that students should be taught only four days a week at school and one day at home. And the craftsmen agreed that a hands-on apprenticeship would make more sense than spending a day at home.

Link proposes financing the pilot project from the budget of the Ministry of Education

But this must be financed. Lippmann proposes to fund the pilot project from the budget of the Ministry of Education. Since the country already has more than 1,000 vacancies in the education sector, there must be money.

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