The exhibition begins at Schützenplatz in Braunschweig on Friday

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The exhibition begins at Schützenplatz in Braunschweig on Friday

04/25/2022, 14:34

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This is what it should look like at Schützenplatz again in a few days.

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The return of 40 virtuous people after the long Corona break. What special attractions and games can guests look forward to?

After breaking Corona for more than two years, he appeared Schutzenplatz There is another exhibition on Hamburger Straße: The spring fair It will open on Friday, April 29th. Braunschweig should be able to celebrate until May 15, Gaby Grandt announces from the event and management management Braunschweig Gun Club 1545 at. Construction is already underway.

“Under the supervision of a proven Frank Berwick, who is again represented in a small wine bar, an interesting program has appeared that really has everything, as stated in their press release. On the one hand, the Spring Fair should again be a celebration for the whole family – and on the other hand, a special festival ride Especially appealing to young and young at heart guests.

Loops and head stops? Or rather in the maze?

Christian Thilliant, for example, builds his site Flyer Series up – Family friendly, with a rock ‘n’ roll look and modern safety technology. Just travel and forget about everyday life. Fancy standing on the head? Then he can “Devil’s Rock” To the Strobe family of showmen: “The rider experiences infinite loops and loops just a few meters below the surface of the earth. headwear”, explains Gaby Grandt. “The speed is high, but the centrifugal forces that occur are not very huge. If you’re lucky, you’ll do two full laps or even two full rounds upside down on the audience.”

Another attraction: The Atlantis glass maze With wobbly floors, air blowers and water features where you can discover the secret of the lost city. or ride “the artist” With laser show At night, fog effects, bubble machines and one cool spark for fireworks. equals two crash cars Used by the showman families Werges and Voß. If desired, you can press the accelerator pedal correctly there.

Swing, swing, hover, fly – and wild effects in 7D cinema

Also a cult carousel “Jaguar Express” According to Gaby Grandt, they’ll be there again – perfect for guests between the ages of 8 and 80. Persons with disabilities can travel free of charge if they are accompanied by a valid disability card and have a disability card. It’s a little more brutal with “Dance Jumper” To: rocking, swinging, hovering, flying! Moreover “Breakdancer No. 1” Back in the beginning, including the Temperance by Camilo Franzelius.

The family of the showman Meyer from Seesen offers a great travel trip 7D Cinema, goes to say. Guests can look forward to watching movies in 4K quality with Dolby Surround. You can experience more than 100 different movies and effects such as wind, fire, lightning, fog, rain or snow and even vibrations through 3D glasses. “For children, among other things, there Children’s railway “Circus train”, the four-poster stroller “Children’s dream” and an airport Child’s Journey.

Current topics from Braunschweig

Fireworks are scheduled for May 13

As usual, visitors will find plenty of food and drinks to strengthen themselves among them – sausagesoft ice cream, fish rolls, french fries, ginger, marshmallows, almonds and much more. On Friday, May 13, the largest city in Braunschweig fireworks Gabe Grand says. subordinate pyrotechnician It will rain the stars will pass.

“But even the men of the show cannot take their eyes off the war and show a social commitment,” she asserts. “So it will be a free tour of the fairgrounds for several afternoons each 30 Ukrainian families give with children Youth-Social-Sports Volunteer Agency Take charge of the selection of children, organizers and two sponsors – the Technicians Syndicate and the hunters Braunschweig – In her opinion, she bears the costs of admission, food and drinks. In this way, children can escape from the real world for a short time with Ukrainian translators. With a carousel, popcorn, sausage and ice cream, the eyes of many children will surely sparkle, so that they can forget about the war for a short time.”

work hours: Monday to Thursday 3pm to 10pm, Friday to Saturday 2pm to 11pm, Sunday from 2pm to 10pm Family days are Wednesdays May 4th and 11th between 3pm and 10pm.

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