Three companies are desperately looking for reinforcements

The three industrial companies VS, Weinig and Mafi on Hochhuser Strasse in Tauberbischofsheim offer a total of 18 possible apprenticeships. All possibilities are open to school graduates in the technical as well as in the administrative field. The spectrum ranges from carpenter and industrial mechanic to industry clerk and dual studies in industrial engineering or mechanical engineering. The current need is great for all three companies.

“We are urgently looking for interns, as well as for the apprenticeship year starting in September,” says Olivier Steckl, head of the wood training workshop at VS, which worries the three companies. Because of Corona and due to low birth rates, there are fewer and fewer applications coming to well-known companies, all of which have their own training workshops. Maffei has even redesigned its training workshop, says senior instructor Gren Metzger. We are urgently looking for industrial mechanics for the upcoming apprenticeship year which begins in the fall. Things don’t look much better for VS and Weinig.

“Hello, woodworkers,” HR looks forward to applications. “In the past few years, we’ve known 80 to 85 percent of our trainees from a previous training period with us,” says Gerd Seitz, senior coach at Weinig. Almost all of them failed in the past two years because of Corona. Vocational training in schools has also been scaled back for this reason, notes Tapia Greke of VS Human Resources. In addition, young school leavers later and later decide to work or a course of study. Beatrix Hebner of MAVI’s Human Resources noted some time ago that “last-minute exchanges are the norm”.

“Craft is not in any certification,” Seitz knows from experience. It is therefore especially important to get to know the future intern personally, which is ideal for internships. “Grades are not everything,” emphasizes Oliver Steckl. However, he noticed that the age of the cultivators was increasing. This certainly correlates with the longer and longer students spend in school, but it also correlates with the dropout rate among first-year students.

Young professionals from all types of schools are welcome in the three companies. Only the motive should be correct, all officials are sure. There are always opportunities for progress. “After training is not the end,” Max Hartwig experienced first-hand. After his training at VS, he is now continuing his education in the dual study programme. Lucas Staus, an industrial mechanic apprentice at Weinig, already knows today that he wants to continue after the apprenticeship. “With what I know today, I didn’t need a high school diploma.” Lifelong learning is natural at the three companies and is also encouraged, as emphasized by Bianca Seifert of Weinig’s HR department.

On Training Day on Saturday, April 30, coaches and trainees will be available to answer questions from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Each of the three companies created a special program for interested youth. In addition, representatives of vocational schools, health insurance companies and an employment agency are involved to answer questions and accompany the path to dual training.

At Mafi, the newly renovated training workshop equipped with a new milling and turning machine is presented and all vehicles are on display. Weinig Company focus on “Exhibition Center”. Here you can find information on single vocational courses or dual courses. In addition, the machines will be operated and the window production line can be seen through virtual reality glasses in production. Among other things, VS offers the opportunity to work in the woodworking workshop on your own. You make a wooden mallet, says Olivier Stackel, and looks forward to as many interested people as possible.

The training day begins in the car park between VS and Weinig on Weinigstrasse in Tauberbischofsheim.

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