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Curious about the world of food retail work?

Then go to Netto: Girls’ and Boys’ Day for Schoolchildren at Netto Marken-Discount

Maxhütte-Haidhof, April 2022 – On Thursday, April 28, 2022, on nationwide Girls’ and Boys’ Day, Netto Marken-Discount allows schoolchildren to learn about the diverse corporate world of groceries. On this day, young people learn something about the many possible job opportunities at Netto. They can savor practical work and immerse themselves in different areas such as marketing, information technology, human resources, accounting, expansion and logistics. The grocer is looking forward to welcoming schoolchildren again this year directly to Netto’s on-site headquarters.

What attracts young people more – training or study?

Graduation is approaching and the opportunities for schoolchildren to choose a profession are limitless. Netto Marken-Discount offers 20 apprenticeships, two high school graduation programs and five double bachelor’s degrees – the largest in the Upper Palatinate gives boys and girls who participate in the annual Girls and Boys Day Insights. Interns, alumni and old employees will tell the young ones about their daily work. “The variety of our internship opportunities is constantly growing. This year we will be adding two exciting apprenticeships. On Girls and Boys Day 2022, schoolchildren can learn about our diverse apprenticeships – perhaps we will see one or the other again at Netto in a few years.”says Cristina Stiliano, Netto’s Head of Communications.

Learn about a wide range of interests and opportunities

Girls and Boys Day offers pupils a diverse change from everyday school life: on April 28, girls and boys in grades 5-10 can experience how individual sections work at Netto headquarters. Today it helps to weed out gender clichés at work – who says women prefer working in marketing and men in IT? Girls and boys ages 11-16 learn about IT operations and explore the wider Netto world in the departments of Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources, Expansion and Logistics.

Education par excellence

With more than 5,480 trainees, Netto Marken-Discount is one of the most important training companies in the German retail sector. Anyone who decides to undertake an apprenticeship at Netto will receive extensive support from experienced colleagues, managers and job boards. Trained ombudsmen always have an open ear for confidential discussions. A wide range of in-training courses and a guarantee of permanent employment of trainees with very good practical and theoretical achievements are the basis for exciting career opportunities after successful completion of training: Netto prefers to fill managerial positions with stimulating talent from within the ranks. For many years, Netto has repeatedly received awards for its high quality of training and overall job-enhancing conditions, for example with the seals of “Fair Training” (Absolventa/Trendence), “Highest Fairness on the Job” (Focus Money) and “TOP Career Opportunities” (Focus). on money). In 2021, the business magazine Capital once again awarded Neto the title of “Best Coach in Germany”. In addition, Neto is a member of the “Fair Company” initiative (

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Net brand discount in profile:

With more than 4,280 branches, approximately 81,800 employees, 21 million weekly customers and sales of 14.7 billion euros, Netto Marken-Discount is one of the leaders in the food retail industry. With around 5,000 items and a focus on fresh produce, Netto Marken-Discount has the largest selection of groceries in the discount scene. As a premium partner of the free DeutschlandCard, Netto customers benefit from the multi-partner rewards program with every purchase. The assumption of responsibility is part of the company’s net culture – the trading company focuses on four main areas: social and social commitment, fair collaboration, careful use of resources and directing the purchasing strategy towards aspects of sustainability. Netto is a partner of WWF Germany: In addition to expanding and promoting more sustainable private brands, Netto is also working on eight key areas to reduce its environmental footprint. With more than 5,480 trainees, the company is also one of the most important training companies in the German retail sector and prefers to fill management positions with committed talent from within its ranks.

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