The SunPass sun protection project continues – daycare enrollment still possible

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The SunPass project continues

Enrollment in day care centers in Saarland is still possible

Healthy fun in the sun is a game for kids – and it’s essential to prevent skin cancer in the first warm days of spring. More than 130 kindergartens and daycare centers in Saarland learned this as part of the “SunPass – Healthy Fun in the Sun for Kids” project. Participating facilities will be officially recognized as a “Sun Kindergarten” by the Saarland Cancer Society in collaboration with IKK Südwest this year. Interested daycare centers and kindergartens can now register to participate for free.

Sabine Ruby, Managing Director of Saarländische Krebsgesellschaft eV, stresses the importance of the SunPass project: “Sunburn in childhood is one of the major risk factors for skin cancer in later years.” “This is why children’s sensitive skin deserves special protection. Babies’ skin has not yet developed any protective mechanisms against the sun’s rays. Through Project SunPass, we support kindergartens and daycares in incorporating healthy sun exposure into everyday life,” she says. Sabine Rabay, describing the sun protection project “SunPass – healthy fun in the sun for kids”.

Through the project, teachers and parents learn all about the right clothes to play on sunny days, the right lotion and the right shade providers in the daycare center premises. In order for the topic of sun protection to also be a part of the little ones’ daily life, they are introduced to the correct way to deal with the sun in a playful way as part of the project.

Protecting children from the spring sun

Another important aspect that the project aims to convey: proper sun protection plays a crucial role, even on warm spring days. “After the long winter months with little light, especially now in the spring, when the temperatures rise and the sun shines more and more, the skin becomes especially sensitive,” explains Katharina Kohl, a health promotion expert at IKK Südwest. He adds: “For fun and games, proper sun protection is of key importance outdoors – especially for the little ones. Project SunPass teaches children, teachers and parents how to deal with the sun properly and as soon as possible.”

Thanks to a virtual examination of the external area and an online lecture by a dermatologist, the project is largely contactless. Free sharing. More information about the SunPass project and registration can be obtained from the Saarland Cancer Society at 0681/30 988-100 or by e-mail to

Contacting those affected and information at:

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