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Russians kidnapped his 16-year-old son – now he asks Ukrainian politicians Horoscope Oleg (49) world to help.

Buryak is the head of the Regional Civil and Military Administration of Zaporizhia Oblast (Eastern Ukraine). When his son Vlad (16 years old) made his way to his father from Melitopol, 130 kilometers away, Russian soldiers stopped him at a checkpoint and took him away.

Burgak says that Vlad has been held in Russia for 11 days, and negotiations for his release “have reached a dead end.” So the father turns to the audience.

Oleg Brjak is very worried about his sonFoto: SERGII POLEZHAKA

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Oleg Prajk is very worried and urgently asks for helpPhoto: SERGII POLEZHAKA

Vlad is the eldest son of Pragak from his first marriage and lived with his mother and brothers in Melitopol in southern Ukraine. When his mother decided to leave the occupied city in early April, Vlad stayed with his terminally ill grandfather.

Father Oleg tried to persuade his son to leave the city. “But he said: As long as my grandfather is alive, I will stay here.”

In the BILD interview, Oleg Prajk recalled: “On April 8 at 5:45 am, his grandfather died. At eight in the morning, Vlad set off for Zaporizhia. I was waiting for him here. “

Through his friends, Burgak organized a trip for his son. Two women with their children – and two boys. At a checkpoint near the village of Vasylivka, Russian soldiers stopped a column of refugees and began to check cars.

Oleg knows the horoscope of what happened next from the women. A soldier from the Russian army asked them where they were going. Walad was talking on the phone like all children on their phones. The soldier asked Vlad if he was filming him and wanted to see the phone.”

Oleg Buryak has childhood photos of his son Vlad on his cell phone.  As soon as he was allowed to talk to himFoto: SERGII POLEZHAKA

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Oleg Buryak has childhood photos of his son Vlad on his cell phone. As soon as he was allowed to talk to himPhoto: SERGII POLEZHAKA

A soldier searched a boy’s cell phone

When the 16-year-old refused, the soldier took his cell phone and began searching it. He found Ukrainian army videos, the kind that most young Ukrainians have on their cellphones, and took Vlad out of the car.

► “The women were held for three hours. During this time, the Russian soldiers found out who Vlad’s father was. They took the women away and threatened to lock them all up in the basement if they did not drive,” says Barjak.

The women drove the car to bring their children to safety – Ibn Burgak remained. “Vlad has been with them ever since. For eleven days.”

“He alone”

Once your horoscope was allowed to talk to his son, that was last Thursday. 13 minutes of hope. I tried to joke with him not to exaggerate the situation. He is 16 years old, and he is in captivity. It is important to support him psychologically. When he crashes emotionally, there’s no one to talk to, to explain everything to him – he’s completely alone. I tried to keep him calm so that he understood that his parents had not forgotten him and that they were taking care of him,” says Burgak. “He wants to go home.”

For eleven days, Burgak hoped that negotiations with the Russians would be successful, and that he would return his son in this way. But all attempts failed.

That is why he asks for help from the world – especially Germany.

“There are a lot of friends of Russia in Germany. A lot of people who have business links with Russia,” says the father.

Bergak says that whoever can influence the Russian foreign and defense ministries, or even the Kremlin, should try to release his son.

“Don’t do anything to the kids”

Burgak also hopes to get help from the German population. “There is a German society and they have an influence on the actions of their government.” “I need community support,” he urgently pleads.

“Children are taboo,” says Burjaq. “No special operation, no war can justify violence against children.” No matter who the parents are, the anxious father says, “You can’t do anything for the kids.”

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