Ukraine war: Children trapped in a surrounded steel plant in Mariupol – International

Huge steel plants with an underground tunnel system may be the last stronghold of the Ukrainian army in the port city of Mariupol, which was badly damaged by Putin’s bombs. About 2,500 soldiers barricaded themselves in front of the Russian army and fought to the death there.

Now a shocking video from the basements of the steel factory shows that not only fighters are holed up there, but also families with children.

︎ Oleksandr Sherpa, former ambassador of Ukraine to Austria, shared the video on Twitter, writing: “Currently not only soldiers, but also hundreds of civilians are hiding at the Azovstal post in Mariupol. Putin gives them no way out. Reports of bombers. Will these be Your last night on this earth?”

The tragic situation in Mariupol

For weeks, the port city has not been the target of violent attacks that have reduced it to rubble and ashes. Since the first week of the war, electricity and food have been cut off.

The battle for the city is central to Putin’s war in Ukraine because he must seize Mariupol to form a land bridge between Russia and the already annexed Crimea. If Mariupol did not fall into his hands, then the bloody attack of the warlord on Ukraine would have failed completely.

Mariupol is the last point on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov that Russian forces have not yet fully controlled.

“We need to know that the world has done everything in its power to be saved.”

Ukrainian authorities already complain of tens of thousands of dead in the largely devastated city. Ukrainian officials confirmed that it had not yet fallen.

Yesterday, a Ukrainian commander made an emotional plea from the surrounding steel plant: “Maripol can be saved. We are ready to fight to the last drop of blood. But we need to know that the world has done everything in its power for salvation. Then we are ready to do the impossible even for our country.

In his public message, Serhii Volina, commander of the 36th Marine Separate Brigade, reported the suffering and relentless fighting in the port city. Volina writes: “For more than 50 days, the soldiers of the city heroically defended themselves, despite conquering enemy forces, constant air strikes, artillery and missile fire.” Mariupol is still a Ukrainian city, no matter what the Russian propaganda says.

Why were the civilians not evacuated? Because Russian promises to build a civilian corridor outside the city are nothing but “cheats”. Volina begs “the world to help evacuate the wounded, children, women and the dead”.

“The enemy has captured the city in a circle and is holding hundreds of thousands of civilians hostage,” Volina continues in his message posted on social media. “Women with children, including children, are hiding in our military bunkers. Most of the time our army personnel are wanted by the Russians. Without heat, water, food. Every day our wounded die in unbearable suffering because we ran out of medicines and disinfectants for a long time ” .

“We will not surrender and we will fight to the end,” Volina wrote in his letter of April 18. But their “loyalty to the oath” was not enough to liberate Mariupol. “The city must be liberated immediately,” he pleads.

This requires heavy weapons. “It is in the power of the European Union and the United States to make it available to us,” Folina said. Heavy weapons of the defenders of Mariupol will save the Ukrainian military group.

And still: the people of Mariupol do not give up. At the end of the week, they allowed the Russians to deliver an ultimatum — even if it was clear that Russian soldiers were in the majority, Ukrainian fighters admitted on Monday.

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