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What is part time education?

In the case of part-time training, the Reduce working time
for yourself Training or further education
. For discounted hours, if the necessary requirements are met, Part-time education allowance from AMS

What is the difference in study leave?

Unlike study leave, where the employee is completely exempted from the obligation to work, in the case of part-time educational work, the extent of the weekly Reduce working time

An agreement with the employer is required. As with educational leave, part-time training is only possible if the employer agrees! So it exists No legal claim

How many hours can/should you reduce?

The reduction in working hours must reach at least 25 percent
And Max 50 percent
May remaining working time At least 10 hours per week
It must be a business relationship fully insured
He is.

Advantages of part-time education

Since the employment relationship is not on vacation during part-time training, but only reduced, the employee remains employed in the company. It doesn’t just mean that far
a Regular and secure income
Linked, but this is yours Get a job
It remains and will remain constant Contact
With the company and colleagues made up

The employer also benefits from this, after the employee remains in the company and at the same time can immediately and continuously benefit from the higher qualification.

What training is for part-time training?

During part-time training, training by At least 10 hours a week
completed. can training Takes place indoors or outdoors
but you must have one professional reference
to have.

also one practical training
It may be completed, but not with the employer, unless proper training is possible only there.

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Where to apply for a part-time education allowance?

An application for part-time training and part-time training allowance must be submitted to the relevant AMS (depending on where you live). What evidence is required?
Evidence of the required ten hours per week is provided by a

Training Center Confirmation .
at studies
Exams from compulsory and elective subjects must be taken within two hours of study per week after every 6 months or so 4 ECTS points
Prove or if you are working on a dissertation, such as a diploma thesis, confirmation of

Work progress

is provided.

CAUTION: If the required proof is not provided, the part-time education allowance will be stopped and, in the worst case, restored. Additional requirements for part-time training
who – which business relationship
Must be prior to beginning part-time training
at least six months They are subject to unemployment insurance and the same amount of hours worked.
Also a must

Right to unemployment benefit to give.
In addition, each company can

Only a certain number of workers

Engage in part-time training, that is, four people in companies with up to 50 employees and a maximum of 8 percent of the workforce in companies with more than 50 employees. Exceptions to this are only possible if approved by the AMS Regional Advisory Board. Duration of study part-time
Part-time education continues at least 4 months
And 2 years max
It must

within 4 years

Consume. Individual portions can also be consumed, as each portion should last at least 4 months.

If part-time training is used continuously for two years, it is not possible to take part-time training, educational leave or leave of absence for the following two years.
How much is the part-time education allowance? For every full working hour
by which the weekly working time is reduced

Daily starting from AMS 0.86 € Part-time educational allowance. for example: when 10 hours per week discountedone gets to take 10 times 0.86 euros per day So Per month(for 30 days) a part-time educational allowance of

€258 .
You can also during part-time training

earn a little extra

(He is self-employed or works for another company). However, this must be reported to AMS before it begins work. There is also the possibility of additional scholarships in addition to the part-time education allowance.
Can you switch between educational leave and part-time education or a combination of the two?
If the prerequisites for both variables are met, part-time training and educational leave can be combined in a period of 4 years.

Within these four years, you can either receive a maximum of 12 months of overtime training allowance or a maximum of 24 months of part-time training allowance. If both services are combined within 4 years, they will be compensated for each other. One day of training allowance is equivalent to two days of part-time training allowance.

For example, it is possible to receive a training allowance for one and a half years and an additional training allowance during the framework period. Termination by the employer during part-time training
As with educational leave, there is for the duration of the educational period part-time No protection against separation
. However, termination is allowed Not because of
Intended or already used
Part-time education take place. (This is contrary to the motive terminating protection).
If the employer(s) terminates the employment relationship during part-time training, if the relevant requirements are met,

Continuing Education Allowance can be obtained.
The additional training allowance is payable only for the remainder of the receipt, with the reference periods for the part-time education allowance counting within the reference period for the additional education allowance. Two days of part-time training allowance for one day of additional training allowance. who – which
extent of training I must
For this purpose, as soon as possible, at the latest within three months, 10-20 hours per week (score: 4 hours per week or 8 ECTS points)


  • . In the case of care obligations for a child under 7 years of age, an increase to 16 hours per week is sufficient.
  • Part-time tutorial summary:
  • The working hours are reduced to continue their education.
  • For the reduced hours, you get a part-time education allowance from AMS
  • Working hours should be reduced to 25 to 50 percent and may not be less than 10 hours per week
  • Training must be professionally related
  • Part-time training lasts a minimum of 4 months and a maximum of 2 years
  • For every full working hour reduced, you get €0.86 per day

There is no legal entitlement to part-time trainingThere is no protection against dismissal during part-time training

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