Wieduwilts Week: Is Katzenkanzler out of the house

The dispute over arms deliveries to Ukraine is straining the traffic light. The chancellor’s criticism comes from the ruling parties as if they are still in the opposition. Who does not dream of Jamaica?

If you want to cover the Berlin Political Guard with animal comparisons on the occasion of the Rabbit Festival, and frankly, why not, some interesting conclusions emerge.

Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck: Definitely a Labrador. Habek’s mental state is always recognizable, he has absolutely no ambiguity, he is always a bit kind, somehow, someone who goes with any nonsense. Often on the water, loyal soul, always there when you need him.

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner: The Classic Octopus. Very clever, he can use his arms to open airtight containers (the federal budget) and possibly write the correct World Cup results. Jamaica’s failed alliance showed that if you caused its plight, it would release a dark cloud and suddenly disappear.

cat and rat advisor

On the other hand, Olaf Schulz is undoubtedly a cat advisor: his love is unpredictable, he doesn’t show up for weeks, then suddenly slaps his legs (appearances in Joko & Klaas, “Bild”, Maybrit Illner), soon after that he’s always going away once Others, sneaking silently through the government district. You don’t really know what’s on his mind, he looks busy yet he’s smart and mysterious, and he might occasionally vomit houseplants on the carpet. (The latter is speculation, but no metaphor is perfect.)

The nature of Schulzen’s cats is gentle, but now it raises a serious concern: because when the cat disappears, the mice dance on the table, and these mice are defense politician Mary Agnes Strack Zimmermann (FJP), European politician Anton “Tony” Hofriter (Greens) and foreign politician Michael Roth ( Democratic Socialist Party). These three are the chairmen of the relevant specialized committees of the Bundestag and recently returned from a trip to Lviv. Since then, they have put pressure on their advisor, Olaf Schultz.

Schulz openly calls the liberals “procrastinators” at the Deutschland Funk, Hofritier calls him a “problem in the Chancellery” in RTL Direct, and Roth calls for heavy weapons, and is soon reprimanded by Parliamentary group leader Rolf Mutzenich, causing on The spot at Strack- Zimmermann’s hat rope exploded: “Unfortunately, Rolf #Mützenich is one of those who did not understand and do not want to understand the necessity of #transformation from their own advisor”, she writes.

Toast to rest

When it comes to weapons, Scholz behaves just like the cat that opens the door in gray April weather: it stands and stares and doesn’t move. What does the counselor know? Did Putin himself drop a nuclear bomb on the Chancellery with the trigger in hand? Watchers like Ralph Fox Warn: The majority of the SPD and the chancellor give Putin “freedom to escalate the war.”

But Fuchs belongs in the Berlin bubble, what do other Germans say? They want things to be comfortable: According to the “Germany trend”, a slight majority is in favor of handing over weapons, and about the same number want to continue to make things comfortable with Russian energy, according to a study by Allensbach commissioned by FAZ. In other words: the Ukrainians should keep Ivan off our backs. Silently, if possible, and without having to take risks.

It’s not terribly surprising that “Gemütlichkeit” is one of the few German words used in the English language – along with “Schadenfreude,” “Zeitgeist,” and “Rucksack,” by the way. “Standing” is not our linguistic export commodity, which is also not surprising.

Habek delivers Carter’s speech

The week that has just ended has underlined the value of an unparalleled position: the years of pro-Russian comfort for the federal president flew in his face like a cream cake – he was not allowed to travel to Kyiv, it was said, the details are not clear, in any case, Volodymyr Zelensky did not know By invitation or by invitation.

Robert Habeck, on the other hand, flew verbal bouquets of flowers because he had already met Vladimir Putin in 2016 Read LeviticusThe politician demanded at the time: No Nord Stream, Syrian women butchers are no longer allowed to shop in Germany and that advocates of cooperation in Europe get visas. Habeck’s assertive stance gives him so much credibility that he can declare that the Germans will go straight back to nuclear power and no leftist will ever tie themselves to the track bed.

He is the de facto advisor to the German public. In his Easter address, Habeck pledged to the Germans to save energy – just like Jimmy Carter’s speech on the energy crisis mentioned earlier. Compare energy savings with war. Habeck speaks similarly, but in beloved Labrador language: Saving energy is “easy on the wallet and annoys Putin,” he said. “Annoying” – like chewing Russian slippers.

Schulz is stuck in a communication dilemma

Situation is a compass for times when you can’t immediately calculate the consequences of your actions, when the omens are only for the next 24 hours and the tactic actually calls for flight. Attitude is what distinguishes a politician like Habeck from the graceful Marcus Söder. This position made Helmut Kohl the Chancellor of Unity when many voices in Europe were warning of a united Germany.

What position is Schulz leading? He speaks through those close to him, they explain their boss in background discussions with journalists and warn of an escalation. Schulz faces a communicative dilemma: he himself is not allowed to warn aloud about this escalation because it plays in Putin’s favour – but background rounds with journalists who are not allowed to use quotes do not constitute newspaper articles and have little effect on public opinion.

In this regard, the impression that the state wants to do everything for Ukraine, except for the chancellor, is a distorted picture. The impression that the coalition is paralyzed on two of the most important issues, the pandemic and the war, is not a distorted picture: CDU leader Friedrich Merz remains very calm, deliberately dropping on weak spots in a traffic light and then flapping away. Again in the Easter animal comparison, it is the kingfisher. “The German chancellor’s silence has become a burden on all international solidarity against the Russian war of aggression,” he says, very similar to what Hofferter said.

Jamaican dreams

Perhaps they both think of Jamaica when they make their statements: a black, green, and yellow coalition of government. The road there led to new elections or a constructive vote of no-confidence. One of these brought Helmut Kohl to power in 1982.

By the way, the decisive factors at that time were, yes really, the questions of rearmament (the two-track NATO decision) and internal governmental disagreements with the FDP. So I’m done with Shirley Bassey and the Propellerheads:

“There is fashion, there is cute
Some are good and some are bad
The joke is kinda sad
This is all just a small part of history repeating itself.”

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