In All Friendship: The Return of a Seemingly Popular Character

News of the current series in the GALA tape: “In All Friendship”: This character of the series may be back soon +++ “Storm of Love” Actress Kristen Balogh talks about why she is out +++ “In All Friendship” – an actress who is now a mother.

News of the series in the tape GALA

April 14, 2022

In All Friendship: The Instagram account indicates the return of Dr. Maria Weber

Personality “in all friendship” d. Maria Webber, played by Annette Rainberg, 44, may soon appear again in the series. This was indicated by a post on the series’ Instagram account. In the photo, IaF artists can be seen sitting around a person standing behind the camera. It doesn’t take fans long to guess that this is just Dr. Maria Weber, who left the Sachsen Clinic, can act.

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Post with hashtags like “#istsiewiederda?” and “#mariaweber”. Fans react very positively to the hint. “I think it’s cool,” writes A: E-User: In and this opinion has been confirmed by many others. Others are annoyed by the spoiler, after all, the position will withstand all the stress. Actress Renneberg herself left the post without comment, but shared it on her profile. In fact, the show’s official website also credits her as a cast member in the upcoming episodes, which makes her character’s comeback more likely.

April 13, 2022

Actress Kristen Balogh talks about her exit from “Love Storm”

Actress Kristen Balogh, 36, who played celebrity chef Tina Kessler on the series, is back for a few episodes. The actress reveals why she left the series at that time in “Webtalkshow” to Nico Gutjar. “I didn’t make the decision to leave quietly at the time,” Balogh said in an interview. It was a long process, also accompanied by a healthy break.

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“It’s a stressful job and it takes a lot from you,” the actress says, and that’s exactly what drove her away from “Love Storm.” The decision was also difficult for her because she loves the team so much, but in the end she made it very consciously. Her body gave clear signals at the time: “There was another bullet in front of the bow, thank God. But it was still clear. Unmistakable.” Starting Tuesday, April 13, 2022, Balogh will appear in her popular role of Tina in a few episodes.

April 12 2022

‘In All Friendship’: Mai Dong Kyu gave birth to a baby

Actress Mai Dong-kyu, 35, saw “In All Friendship” as Dr. Finding out that Lily Fan has great news for her fans: she’s just become a mother. He announced this via the official Instagram channel “In All Friendship”. Followers received this message with enthusiasm.

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One fan wrote: “Oh, that’s cool. So good luck to the new compatriot and all the best to my mom.” Another commented: “So beautiful…Happy birthday.” The actress herself uses the post’s comment column to thank everyone for all the congratulations and adds: “You are the best!” Many users are especially pleased with the fact that their figure will not disappear for a long time. “After a short break, Mai will be walking around the Sachsenklinik again as Dr. Lilly Phan,” the team from “In All Friendship” promised in the post. In the series, Lily leaves the clinic for an extended period of time shortly after returning with ex-boyfriend Chris. So now fans know the happy reason for the long absence of the character of the popular series.

April 11, 2022

Actress Brigitte Antonius “Red Roses” is back

Brigitte Antonios, 89, as Joanna Janssen, is one of the actresses who’s been there since the first episode. Many fans of the series cannot imagine “Red Roses” without Antonius. Due to her age and the Corona epidemic, the actress is no longer able to stand in front of the camera much – which is why fans were even happier when Antonios reported on Instagram and posted the good news.

Over the next few weeks, viewers won’t see Joanna Janssen anymore — but she’ll be back, Antonius announced. “I’ve been shooting for two weeks, it’s been so amazing,” the happy actress says in the video. She now has the last day of filming until Easter and will be back after that, counting fans.

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She has another wonderful message ready: “Meanwhile you have multiplied.” Following the death of her loyal dog Pinky in 2020, she now has not just one, but two lively new dogs by her side: Betty and Poldy. Fans on Instagram have congratulated the actress and are excited to see her in her usual role soon. On Monday, May 2, Antonius will return for a new episode of “Root Rosen”.

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