Mainz children between day care and corona test

Dealing with the coronavirus pandemic is a challenge for everyone. SWR reporter Stefan Schmelzer – a father of two – describes how difficult everyday lives for parents and children can be due to a highly contagious omicron variant.

The topic of Corona has been on our minds for nearly two years. And that’s not always good, especially for parents, the key word: home office. But the past few weeks have brought a very special “touch” to everything, thanks to Omicron. As a father of two, the last few days have mainly consisted of phone calls and walks to the testing station.

Stefan Schmelzer, reporter at SWR Studio Mainz and father of Lisa (7) and Nina (4).


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Let’s go Tuesday Last week with a call from the day care center: “Unfortunately, you have to pick up your daughter, we have a positive case among our colleagues. We will find out from the Ministry of Health how things go.” Well, of course now I’m not completely non-worldly and I know the current numbers, so that’s not really surprising. So, pick up the baby, go home, wait for a message from the daycare center. Result: The teacher had previously self-isolated with mild symptoms. excellent! So, I quickly made an appointment for a PCR test at a pharmacy around the corner, and I walked there with the toddler in the morning and they took the test. Denial!!! That means going back to day care the next day, it’s not that bad.

Positive corona tests at school too

In the Wednesday Then comes the bad news from the eldest daughter’s school: the students’ self-tests came back positive. So, pick up your daughter from school and wait for the news. The result: The children are allowed to return to school the next day, but have since taken daily self-exams. Well, better than being quarantined at home.

Keita reports again

another day, Thursday, then the daycare center again: “A child from your daughter’s group tested positive!” Alla, carry the baby, go home, then for the test, this time the approved express test was enough. Fortunately negative, now waiting for news from the Ministry of Health. All is well, the positive baby was there for the last time five days ago, so a free test is possible. Friday Back to day care.

Then happily the weekend will come! But we don’t feel like walking and testing…

Already known customer in the pharmacy

So, MondayNew week, new luck! And the center calls again. “If there is a positive case in the nursery, the Department of Health should decide if this has an impact on the nursery children,” she says. So: I brought the daughter and walked back to the station to test our confidence. There we are now greeted with “Hey, it’s you again!” The test result is negative, so you must return to the nursery the next day with the approval of the Department of Health.

L. and N. Schmelzer (Photo: SWR)

Lisa (7 years old) and Nina (4) looking out the window during quarantine.


then on Wednesday, to change school again: “Now three positive tests are in the class, please bring your daughter.” After all, both girls have been in nursery school and school for a day and a half, and that’s enough, working from home is overrated anyway at these times.

Quarantine due to corona case in school

But this time it’s quarantine! Where, a message from the school: “Free testing can be done on Thursday, one day later, since the infected children were last there on Friday last week. Quarantine can continue if the Ministry of Health decides to do so.”

So, Thursday morning I walked into the test station just to be on the safe side, so we could be sure of a possible free test. again negative. Now: Waiting for the health department. Although it doesn’t really matter, the daycare center will probably call back in half an hour anyway…

Anyone who comes to me now with clever comments like: “Oh, leave your kids home at once, then you’ll save yourself all Halles!” Well, you’d better not meet me on my next trip to the test station. In this sense: health!!!

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