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somehow enough. It is enough that there is another wave of terrorism in Israel and that the eternal Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not going anywhere and no one is trying to breathe new life into the so-called peace process.

It is enough that the current government may collapse and Israel once again find itself in a permanent political crisis, for the vanity and personal claims to power of a few seem clearly more important than the country’s stability.

It is enough for Jews and Gentiles to flee once again from a war zone, as is the case now in Ukraine.

These days you can only ask questions. We don’t have answers.

It is enough that Israel, and indeed the entire world, is behaving as if the Corona pandemic is over and more and more governments have lifted all preventive measures, leaving the weakest and the most vulnerable to fend for themselves. Solidarity looks different.

It suffices that in the land of revolution, a Jewish and non-Jewish presidential candidate wanted to score points on xenophobia and did a good job. its enough. It’s easy enough. The list could be much longer. much longer.

pandemic Now, if we’re going to get together for Seder (hopefully they’re all tested!) and celebrate Freedom Day, we’ll be trying so hard to explode in joy this year. We were slaves and became sons of liberty, so came Easter. But how should we define freedom today? How free are we really after two years of pandemic and lockdowns?

How free are the women and children in Ukraine who have to flee these days and weeks and watch their husbands fight for exactly that: for freedom? How free are the Israelis, who will now turn three times in each café to see if there is any danger? And how free is Israel in the face of enemies who increasingly want the downfall of the Jewish state?

But are the Palestinians free? And beyond the occupied territories, are the people of Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Saudi Arabia free? Are Jews still free in France, Germany, or any other European country where they have been facing growing anti-Semitism for years? That’s really enough, right? What freedom are we talking about? Inner freedom? Can it really be only inner freedom?

revolutionaries Unlike many religions or philosophies, for which freedom is – quite simply – the task of the soul, regardless of external circumstances, Judaism has always been political.

The physical migration from Egypt and the 40-year journey through the desert were intended to lead people to inner and outer freedom. At the end of this path was an independent state in which the individual could live with freedom and self-determination.

Judaism also demands political freedom, not just freedom of spirit. No wonder so many revolutionaries and freedom fighters throughout history were Jews. There has always been a fight for the freedom of everyone, not just the Jews.

How free are the Israelis, who will now turn around three times in every cafe?

The Jewish president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, forcibly became a freedom fighter. Will he be able to lead his nation to freedom as Moses led the Jews out of Egypt?

More Can Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid prevent their government from eroding to allow Israel’s political stability and prevent another endless round of elections and recession?

Will the French succeed in demonstrating the limits of exclusionary nationalism and xenophobia?

Will Western countries be able to protect and defend their freedom on concrete terms now?

Where does the world drift? And what can Easter give us in these times? Daino – is it enough? So, gratitude for all we have, because it’s more than enough? certainly. We all know this sermon. We know that and only in the rarest cases do we live in it.

s And in the past few years and decades, we haven’t given much thought to what freedom really means. We thought we got it. So we got it. We don’t seem to have to worry about them. But now we have to do it again. In Israel anyway. But also in Europe. around the world.

Do we understand that the mere absence of war is an incredible good? Do we also understand that this good must be defended with arms if necessary? Can we do this Are we able to do this? Can today’s generations “freedom”?

These days you can only ask questions. We don’t have answers. The old formulas are no longer good, the certainties are gone, the convictions shaken.

There is only here and now. Forecasting? impossible. plans? Pointless.

We are back to the most abundant facts of life. There is only here and now. Forecasting? impossible. plans? Pointless. Visions? Collapses. In our freedom, we thought we could decide a lot, not everything. This appears to be over now.

As we sit at the seder table now, we shall have to re-read the Hijjad. Is the ten strikes an asymmetric war against a compelling enemy? Isn’t it Pharaoh Putin? Or at least Khamenei or others?

Moses That the former comedian, of all people, became the leader of a nation at war is a reminder that Moses was a stutter. Both people have been credited with anything but leadership qualities.

Therefore, this year’s Hajj can be considered as an allegory of current events. She also says: We must read the story of the Exodus from Egypt and realize that in every generation we are slaves and we must fight for freedom.

Anyone who can sit quietly at a Seder table these days can rightly say: Dayenu. This privilege alone is sufficient. Perhaps it will be read differently this time. So that leads to real participation in today’s world. Appreciating, preserving and defending our freedom if necessary. Everyone’s freedom.

The author is Editor at Large at ARD, a publicist who lives in Tel Aviv.

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