Hearn: The mother is said to have killed children – and the case raises questions


Hearn: The mother is said to have killed her children – the case raises questions

04/15/2022 at 06:58

Custody? Arrest? What these police terms really mean

Custody? Arrest? What these police terms really mean

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Herne M (33) from Herne It is said that he did the unthinkable. She has great doubt that she has her children on her conscience.

Two of their children died over the years. Only when the third child narrowly escaped suffocation did the doctor suspect. But years had to pass before the Youth Welfare Office Herne You have to get involved in the end.

Hearn: A mother is said to have murdered her children – and was not arrested until eleven years later

It has been more than eleven years since the death of a two-month-old baby boy in Herne. A young woman from Heerner (22 years old) gave birth to the baby in September 2011 – just eleven months after giving birth to her first son.

The eldest also had to die later. Only a decade later the mother ended up in custody.

Infanticide in Herne? The case raises questions

But how could a mother’s conviction take so long? There was an autopsy – but according to the responsible public prosecutor’s office in Bochum, there was no reason for criminal prosecution (more on this here). Forensic scientists hypothesized the sudden death of infants.

Only when Hearneren’s third child narrowly escaped death in 2018, the doctor became suspicious. Shocked by the backlog of cases as striking, she turned to the Youth Welfare Office. So a new report was commissioned in 2019.


Alleged child murder in Herne: chronology of a tragedy

  • October 2010: The 21-year-old gave birth to her first child
  • September 2011: Harrenren gave birth to a second son
  • November 2011: 2-month-old baby dies – autopsy reveals no evidence of crime
  • May 2012: First born dies at age 19 months – postmortem reveals no evidence of a crime
  • December 2015: Herrenren gave birth to her third child
  • April 2018: The 28-month-old ended up in hospital with choking symptoms and survived
  • April 2018: A doctor suspected and called the Youth Welfare Office
  • 2019: The Attorney General orders a new report
  • 2020: The Public Prosecution orders an investigation into a suspected murder
  • February 2021: The Youth Welfare Office withdraws custody of the mother’s third child
  • April 2022: Harrenren is arrested


“It was a special report dedicated exclusively to the respiratory system,” a spokesman for the Bochum public prosecutor’s office told DER WESTEN. The result: children suffocated.

Hearn’s mother suspected of murder – Youth Welfare office won’t operate until 2021

Then the investigations against the woman began from Hearner, which finally culminated in her arrest in April 2022.

The scary thing: Although police have been targeting the mother since 2020, custody of the third child was only rescinded in February 2021.


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Until then, the child, who nearly choked in 2018, was still in the care of the alleged child killer. The Youth Welfare Office did not wish to comment on DER WESTEN’s late intervention and noted ongoing investigations.

Why the authorities responded so late remains unclear until the case is in court.

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