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Training at NDR is a professional training for journalism – cross-media, innovative and diverse. NDR is ARD’s third largest public radio station. We report that there are about 14 million people in the North, in their homes in the West and East, on the North and Baltic Seas, in the Harz Mountains and just in the middle. In the regional training, we will train you to become a journalist at one of the state broadcasting stations in Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern or Hamburg.

You decide which federal state you want (by choosing in the application portal, only one can be entered). This will be your press home for two years. During the regional training, you will learn about the different editing departments and studios of your regional broadcasting station.

video: Your training as a regional volunteer (1 minute)

You will also work in the editorial departments of NDR, which collaborate closely with regional programmes. You will work in different teams, be close to people and their stories, provide information on important and relevant topics, and learn to report on global events from a regional perspective. You are on the road via radio, TV, internet and social media. And of course we will prepare you for that.

Together with other NDR trainees, you will learn the journalistic craft and in-depth skills, among other things in these courses:

  • Fundamentals of journalism, media law and media ethics
  • Regional Reports
  • Research and data journalism
  • Press writing and copywriting
  • Conducting interviews and discussions
  • Live assignments as a reporter
  • Work as a video journalist and mobile reporter
  • Develop new formats

In addition, all interns receive one-to-one speaking training, personal development training and workshops to strengthen their journalistic focus and interpersonal skills.

This is what we are looking for

We are looking for regional volunteers:

  • Fancy Northern Germany and Employer NDR
  • Want to tell and present important information, socially relevant topics and stories from people with a regional perspective
  • Would you like to develop our regional programs in every way and
  • You may also have special skills – for example in areas such as target group analysis, distribution, media design, programming, or data evaluation and statistics

bring this with you

  • Abitur or technical college entrance qualification
  • Possibly other studies or work experience (both not required)
  • First journalistic experience, eg for print, audio, television and social media, ideally as a regional reporter
  • An unusual sense of regional themes and a desire to further strengthen regional journalism in the Democratic National Report
  • Very good knowledge of the federal state in which you would like to do your regional training
  • Great interest in current events and socially relevant topics
  • German is very good spoken and written
  • Willingness to work in different locations, in changing teams and at different times (eg on the weekend)
  • Driving license (for cars) advantage
  • There is no previous journalist training

How to apply

You can apply within six weeks (from January 3 to February 13, 2022) via our application portal.

All information about the application at a glance:

start training: August 1, 2022
Duration: 24 months
Places: NDR locations in Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern or Hamburg

Application period:
From January 3 to February 13, 2022

Selection dates including knowledge test and interview:

  • Knowledge and work test samples in the period: mid-March 2022
  • Interviews in the period: end of March 2022

Please apply only through the application portal. the shipment everyone Upload the application documents we want as attachments and pay attention to the specified file formats. The same opportunities apply to everyone. We will not accept forgotten attachments after the application deadline. If after the application deadline there are important documents missing, we unfortunately cannot consider your application. Therefore, check everything carefully before submitting your application.

desired Application documents:

  • Letter of application or motivation
  • short biography
  • School and professional certificates, if any
  • Evidence of journalistic work, such as published articles or contributions, links to your publications or social media channels, etc.
  • Creative self-presentation “Me in 1’30 min” in audio, video or social media format

contact person:
Diana Delogos
Tel: (0511) 988 2060

This is the way we choose

After you have six weeks to send your application to us, our training committee takes the same amount of time to consider and evaluate your applications and other applications. Unfortunately, not all applicants can get a place in regional training. The committee will therefore have to make a preliminary selection based on the application documents.

If selected, you will take a knowledge test in another step and can demonstrate your creativity and journalistic skills by creating small work samples (period: mid-March 2022). Once you have successfully completed these tasks, the Training Committee would like to get to know you better at an interview (Duration: End of March 2022).

Then you will know after a few days if you will start your regional training in NDR on August 1, 2022.

NDR signed the Diversity Charter. We welcome applications from people with different cultural backgrounds. We welcome applications from people with severe disabilities. They will be given priority if they are equally qualified and qualified.

Your opinion about NDR

After you have successfully completed your regional training, NDR would like to hire you for the Government Broadcasting Station.

Your salary in regional training

  • First half of the year: 1,684.05 euros
  • Second half of the year: 1770.76 euros
  • Third half of the year: 1,857.47 euros
  • Fourth half of the year: 1944.18 euros

You have a total of 50 vacation days for regional training for two years. In addition, the NDR pays you accommodation and expenses if you are posted outside your workplace.

And NDR offers you that too

  • Support monthly tickets for local public transport
  • Canteens in prime locations in Hamburg, Hanover, Kiel and Schwerin
  • Sports shows in the main locations Hamburg, Hanover, Kiel and Schwerin
  • Support for young families and external counseling service

Additional information

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