How much money am I entitled to?

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Use our Hartz IV calculator to calculate how much unemployment benefit II you will receive. In this article you will also find input instructions for calculator fields as well as more information on this topic.

In other words, Hartz IV, or unemployment benefit II, is counted as a living benefit (1) and is available to job-seeking citizens and is paid monthly. The standard requirement is based on § 20 SGB II and has increased since January 1, 2022. For single adults, the standard requirement has been €449 since the second).

It should be noted that the Hartz IV calculator only checks the amount of benefits and not whether you are entitled to a Hartz IV in principle. Accordingly, the calculator assumes that your claim has already been verified.

What changes will Hartz IV bring from 2022?

The table below shows the changes to Hartz IV from 2021 and 2022:



From 01 Jan 2022

change in euro

  • adult and single
  • single parent
  • Adults with a minor partner




legal age partners

401 each

404 each


adults in institutions

18 to 24 years old at their parents’ house




Children’s age

  • 14 to 17 years
  • junior partners




6 to 13 years old




0 to 5 years




What services does Hartz IV include?

The amount of standard requirements takes into account various depreciation expenses:

  • Food, Beverage and Tobacco Products
  • clothes and shoes
  • Housing rentals, energy and home maintenance
  • Interior decoration, household appliances and objects, continuous housekeeping
  • Healthcare
  • traffic movement
  • Post and Communications
  • Leisure, entertainment and culture
  • education
  • Accommodation and catering services
  • Other goods and services

Who is entitled to Hartz IV?

Citizens who find themselves in an emergency situation in Germany and are no longer able to support themselves are entitled to government benefits. These are reviewed and modified annually. Hartz IV recipients are allowed to own the assets, but a certain limit may not be exceeded here.

How do you calculate a Hartz IV rate?

The IV Hartz rate is made up of several factors. This includes the living situation (with or without a partner, pregnancy, chronic diseases, etc.), the number and age of children as well as monthly income and expenses (cold rent, heating costs, additional costs). In principle, the Hartz IV rate is calculated from the standard rate of the mentioned factors and the appropriate costs for housing and heating.

What is the rent hike with Hartz IV?

The reasonable amount of rent cannot be given as a lump sum. Here, the real situation in the housing market as well as the size and composition of the family community are taken into consideration. If the rent is reasonable then it is paid. You need written approval from your duty station for this.

How big is a Hartz IV apartment?

The size of the apartment also varies depending on the location and the number of family members.

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What values ​​do I need for a Hartz IV calculator?

Entries are broken down into 3 areas: your life situation, childcare, and your monthly income and expenses.

put your life

Needs community (with partner)?

Determine whether you live with your spouse or partner in a shared home.

Pregnancy (after the twelfth week)?

Explain if this applies to you. From the thirteenth week of pregnancy, a pregnant woman is entitled to an additional requirement of 17% of the standard requirements. Entitlement to additional needs is not valid in the month following the birth.

Special foods required?

Beneficiaries who need expensive food for medical reasons are entitled to additional requirements for a reasonable amount. The total amount depends on the type of disease. For example, if you have HIV, cancer, or multiple sclerosis, you are entitled to 10% of the standard benefit (2021). This results in a claim of €44.60 per month.

Take care of children

Number of children and age

Enter here the number of your children and how old they are. In the case of single parents, whether you are entitled to additional needs depends on the number and ages of the children:

Amount of additional requirements in percentage

One child under 7 years old


1 child over 7 years old


Two children under 16 years old


Two children over 16 years old


4 kids


from 5 children


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Child support in the summer

Also list the amount of child benefit available to you per month. The Child Benefit is fully reimbursed for Hartz 4 benefits and the standard rate decreases depending on the amount.

Income/expenses per month

Rent including additional costs

The cold monthly rent including operating costs should be entered here. If you own your own home, you can enter mortgage interest, property tax, and homeowners insurance here. Monthly payments are excluded.

heating costs

Please enter your monthly heating costs here.

Heating costs including hot water?

Indicate here whether heating costs are specified, including hot water.

Gross salary (applicant)

Please state your gross monthly salary and, if possible, state your monthly salary as well.

net salary (applicant)

Please enter your net monthly salary and, if applicable, your partner’s salary.

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