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Neglect, abuse or shaken to death: Dramatic cases of child abuse have repeatedly rocked northern Germany. The perpetrators usually come from the immediate family circle. Overview.

Police crime statistics in the past few years always come to a bitter conclusion. In 2020 alone, 152 children violently died. There was also an attempted murder in 134 cases. The report also counted 4,918 cases of ward abuse – an increase of 10 percent compared to the previous year. In addition, one must also take into account the large number of unreported cases, officials say. As a rule, verbs are the result of situations of excessive demands.

In 2005, seven-year-old Jessica died of starvation. But despite official efforts and new child protection measures, more children have been violently killed in northern Germany since then:

Stepbad Shakes Tyler to Death in 2015

In December 2015, 13-month-old Tyler came to the emergency room at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) with a concussion and severe brain injury. He is in a coma for a week and then dies. Before symptoms appear, the child must have vigorously shaken at least 10 to 15 times, and the pathologist will write later in his report. The child’s parents quickly wind up in the eyes of investigators. After the duration of the offense was narrowed, the proceedings against the mother were halted. You will appear in court as a joint plaintiff. Instead, the stepfather ends up in the dock.

Although he contests his innocence. But the court does not believe him. The head of the court addressed the accused directly: “I accepted the death of the young child with consent.” He was eventually sentenced to eleven years in prison for manslaughter.

In 2013, the case of Yachmour shook Hamburg

The grave of the murdered Yeghmour in a cemetery in the Augendorf district of Hamburg in 2014.

It was shortly before Christmas in 2013 when three-year-old Jagmore died in her parents’ apartment in the Bilstedt district of Hamburg. Cause of death: severe abuse by the mother. An autopsy revealed more than 80 bruises and bruises, as well as a poorly healed fracture of the forearm.

Although a forensic psychiatrist confirmed that the mother had postpartum attachment disorder, her guilt was not limited by that. She was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder. But the father was also convicted: he must go to prison for four and a half years for bodily harm that led to death by negligence.

Eleven-year-old Chantal died of methadone in 2012

Flowers, memorial texts and a photograph commemorating the deceased student Chantal on January 26, 2012 at the Nelson Mandela School in Hamburg.  Photo: Marcus Schultz

Chantal’s death caused a great deal of sympathy, especially among her classmates.

On January 16, 2012, 11-year-old Chantal complained of being unwell and vomiting. In her adoptive parents’ apartment in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, she is looking for the right medication. What I found was methadone – an alternative to heroin. A few hours later, Chantal died in her bed unattended.

The girl’s autopsy reveals: Chantal died of methadone poisoning. The adoptive parents, who provided a youth welfare office for the girl under their care, are given a suspended prison sentence for negligent homicide. They were taking methadone at the time to combat their drug addiction.

Lara Mia died in Wilhelmsburg in 2009 – despite her supervisor

Lara Mia and Chantal's Silent March poster hangs on a lantern on the residential Chantal Street.  © Photo: Daniel Springer

Even after Lara Mia’s death, public sympathy is great, as this call for a silent march shows.

Lara Mia died on March 11, 2009 in an apartment in the Wilhelmsburg district of Hamburg, possibly as a result of malnutrition. The nine-month-old weighed just 4.8 kilograms when he died – about eight kilograms that would have been normal at this age.

Particularly bitter: the child died before the eyes of the Social Welfare Office, which had previously provided the family with a supervisor. The social worker had visited the family eight days before Lara Mia’s death. You haven’t noticed anything. The girl’s stepfather was sentenced to three years and eight months in prison in early 2017. The mother was also forced to serve three years in prison for attempted manslaughter.

Leah Sophie died of starvation and died of thirst in Schwerin in 2007

Lovely flowers and toys lie on the grave of Lea Sophie at the Forest Cemetery in Schwerin.  Photo: Jens Buttner

Sophie was only five years old. In April 2008, months after her death, her beloved flowers and toys are still lying on her grave.

Five years old Schwerin’s Leah Sophie died in November 2007 after weeks of neglect, shortly after being taken to a clinic by an emergency physician with severe deficiency symptoms and bed sores on her body. The girl at this time weighs less than 7.4 kg. The autopsy shows: Leah Sophie died of starvation and died of thirst.

The parents were sentenced to 11 years and nine months in prison for watching their young daughter die – they said they feared the Youth Welfare Office would take custody of their children.

Drug addict kills 2-year-old Kevin in Bremen in 2006

In October 2006, officers contacted Kevin’s drug-addicted father, where the boy lives after his mother’s death. On the orders of the family court, they must finally get Kevin out of his violent environment. They finally found the child’s body in the refrigerator. It is not possible to say how long Kevin has died at this point. The pathologist counted 21 broken bones.

Kevin’s adoptive father has been repeatedly noticed for his drug use and aggressive behavior in public. In court, the man confessed to abusing and killing the child. He was sentenced to ten years in prison.

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Candles in front of a sign saying why

In 2006, the half-decomposed body of a two-year-old boy was found in a refrigerator in the Gröpelingen district of Bremen. It soon became clear that the responsible authorities were aware of the child’s long ordeal. more

Two-year-old Tim was beaten to death in Elmshorn in 2005

The search for Tim, aged two and a half, lasted six days in November 2005. Officers finally found his lifeless body in a well-hidden gym bag in a house block in Elmshorn. The coroner determined that the cause of death was severe head trauma.

The mother’s 38-year-old friend confessed to the crime. He claims to have hit the child’s head against the wall while the mother was not there. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Jessica starved to death in Hamburg Gainfeld in 2005

On March 1, 2005, the body of seven-year-old Jessica was found in Hamburg Jenfield: the girl died of vomiting after starving for months in a dark, unheated room. In desperation, she ended up eating carpet scraps and her hair.

The parents show no remorse in court. The mother explains that Jessica refused to eat and drink, ruining toys and carpets. Instead, the judge considers that the parents were found guilty and deliberately starved the child. Both were sentenced to life imprisonment.

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The grave of hungry Jessica at Rahlstedt cemetery in Hamburg (photo from 2005).  © picture alliance / dpa Photo: Ulrich Berry

On March 1, 2005, emergency doctors in Hamburg found the body of seven-year-old Jessica, who was suffering from starvation. Her agonizing death has repercussions nationwide. more

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