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China has been fighting the Corona pandemic with a very strict anti-Covid system from the beginning. This means: if there are few cases of corona in a city, then all residents will be closed.

Total insurance! This has been the case since March 28 – for 26 million (!) residents financial capital Shanghai.

The strict restrictions on movement in the east of the capital were originally supposed to last only four days. Then the authorities suddenly closed off the entire city, and the lockdown became the new permanent state.

Shanghai feels like the setting for an apocalyptic sci-fi movie: the streets are nearly empty and few people outside are not only wearing face masks, but fully covered – head-to-toe infection-fighting clothing.

A feature of the new Corona dictatorship is its high-tech support: videos show how tiny robotic dogs patrol the streets. They are asking residents over a megaphone to follow the strict rules and not leave their homes.

Advertising flaw: In the midst of this almost appalling situation, Chinese leaders in some parts of the city called on people to open their windows and praise the government.

But that plea did not work: Instead, Shanghai residents began insulting the authorities in protest of the lockdown.

When can residents leave their homes? When they go to the required group auditions!

Totally sillyAccording to observers, it is precisely during these checks, which residents sometimes have to wait in queues for hours, that people become infected with corona again and again.

The government supplies food

As residents are no longer allowed to go to the supermarket due to the lockdown, the Chinese government is providing food to its citizens.

Of course, this does not work well: there is not enough, deliveries are erratic.

Attorney Jared Nelson describes the government food delivery issue on Twitter: “For my family, we booked 3 deliveries for the day: mass purchases of meat/seafood + 1 individual purchase of soap and shampoo” – all 3 deliveries have been cancelled. However, they were lucky that a friend from another part of town could send them food.

After two weeks in this case, people begin to rebel. Some of the videos, which have been put online despite China’s internet restrictions, show frank fights over food and medicine rations.

In China, unlike many Western countries, people generally have little food at home that can be stored for a long time. Many are bought fresh every day from the market. Therefore, many residents have only rice available – for everything else they depend on government supplies.

Affected children are separated from their parents

The Chinese government’s practice of separating children who tested positive from their parents has also caused outrage. Some of these were reportedly babies as young as a few months old.

After all, after the protests, the city government announced that parents (uninfected) could soon come forward to accompany their children in isolation if they needed help.

Children alone in a hospital in Shanghai after they tested positive for coronaFoto: twitter/badiucao

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Children alone in a hospital in Shanghai after they tested positive for coronaPhoto: twitter / badiocao

However, it remained unclear whether the regulation was limited only to children who need special care. There are reports that in the past two weeks, adults in need of assistance, especially the elderly, have died in hospitals because they were denied urgent (non-coronavirus) care.

According to Dr Liao Xiaohui, Shanghai’s chief infectious disease expert, there have been more than 2,000 diabetes deaths in recent months linked to the city’s lockdown.

▶ ︎ tragic: People who are taken directly to quarantine camps by the Chinese state after testing positive cannot care for their pets. Some let them out so they could hunt for food. Apparently, the authorities simply killed these pets, claiming there was a risk of infection.

Isolation hospital in ShanghaiFoto: Ding Ting/AP

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Isolation hospital in ShanghaiPhoto: Ding Ting/AP

Biggest outbreak since Wuhan 2019

According to the authorities, the lockdown in the city of millions in individual boroughs will be ended if there are no more infections for 14 days.

On Sunday, authorities reported nearly 25,000 locally transmitted infections in Shanghai. The numbers are still low compared to major American or European cities, but in China, with the government’s strict strategy of enemy Covid, this is the largest outbreak since Wuhan 2019.

Despite the horrific conditions on the streets, the capital is not completely static – the financial markets have continued to operate without interruption!

People sleep at their workplace

Like? Because of the lockdown, many bankers and stock traders are now sleeping in their offices on camp beds, eating instant noodles or canned meals.

As evidenced by social media chat groups, strict lockdowns are also feared in other cities in the People’s Republic of China. In the city of Guangzhou, which has a population of 18 million, authorities are already planning mass testing because few cases of coronavirus have been reported.

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