Twins sew brave monsters for children from the Ahr Valley –

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Motmash is a beloved monster of children from the Ahar Valley and Ukraine. This is the great idea of ​​a twin from Spangenberg (Schwalm-Eder-Kreis). Lisa and Tom, 9 years old, sew all the monsters by themselves and then bring them to the kids who are facing hard times at the moment due to the disaster of flood and war.

Also this weekend, the family will be going to Ahr Valley with their new and lovable homemade toys. The two distribute their beloved toys to the children themselves. “We walk the streets and when we meet kids who have lost everything, we ask them if they want a cheerleading monster,” says Tom, looking forward to the distribution.

I have already sewn over 400 lovable monsters

In total, the two of them had already sewed over 400 lovable monsters. The twins share the tasks. Lisa sews on Grandma’s sewing machine and Tom cuts the fabric and sways. “We needed a full day for our first cuddly monster, and now it’s only 15 minutes for each monster,” says Lisa, really proud.

No end in sight

Both learned it in school. There is no longer any idea to stop. “At first, I only wanted to sew ten pieces, then 50, and now it’s more and more. In the summer we might do a little less, but we don’t want to stop,” says Lisa.

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