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My son, 9, loves to wear camouflage pants. All his friends wear it too. I didn’t think much about it when we bought the pants together in the winter. But given the global situation, I no longer feel comfortable with my child running around like a camouflaged soldier. Can I stop him from wearing those pants anymore? Silk W, Dortmund

Margit Orr:

Margaret Ur He is the author of the best-selling children’s book series School of Magical Animals, which has now been printed more than seven million times and translated into 25 languages. She has three sons, almost all of whom grew up, and lives in central Bavaria.

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Anyone who’s seen Cinta Berger at Ker Royal knows that this soldier’s look has always been an illusion of taste. As a friend of Baby Schmerlos, she cut her hair blonde, dyed it dark, and struggled with wide leather belts and military boots. Poor Mona aka Cinta Berger. Not only are camouflage pants an inappropriate outfit for movie divas, they are perfect for nine-year-olds as well. Actually for everyone. This outfit is giving me a sick feeling, sorry. Anyone who would argue that this would be a modern leisure look is only partially correct. Certain behavior and macho behavior are hidden behind it. When the boys show up in class together, it can be very upsetting. So what do you do? Banning is not the order of the day, especially since you bought the pants yourself. I would move the camouflage pants to the bottom of the closet and put my regular jeans on top of it. Boys always take what’s on top, right? If you continue to use olive green pants, I recommend wearing a colored T-shirt.

Herbert Raines Upholstery:

The Family Trio: Herbert Raines Poulster, pediatrician, scientist, author of educational guides and blog

Herbert Raines upholstery Pediatrician, scientist and author of “Parenting Guides” and the blog “Understanding Children”. He has four adult children and lives in Ravensburg with his wife and youngest child.

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Ein neunjähriges Kind verbindet mit dem Tragen von Camouflage-Hosen eine ganz andere Symbolik als Sie, und so wenig wie aus einem Mädchen, das gerne rosa Kleidchen trägt, später eine Anti-Femini Anti-Femini Junge Hoig wird, Camden eine Jungen Hoig wird to Germany. Kids play with their looks and kids don’t have to consider the adult world here. Of course, parents can and should point out to their children when certain statements or disclaimers are incorrect and thus denigrate or offend someone, but I don’t see that here. Of course, you can talk to your son about your concerns. However, you should be aware of how easy it is to do this “wrong”. Until he concludes from your reaction that he did something very bad. You can only get out of the figure with some twists, because everything is fine from his point of view. Mom, maybe he’ll say, We’re just playing, we’re not soldiers! That being the case, I’ll leave it at that.

Colin Ullman Fernandez:

Colin Ullman Fernandez

Colin Ullman Fernandez She is an actress and presenter. The mother of her daughter lives in Potsdam and has written the bestselling children’s book “Lotti und Otto” and the parent’s guide “I’ll Be a Mom Then”.

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What exactly is your fear? Could your nine-year-old be accused of being a pro-war stance, that he might be mistaken for a Putin sympathizer, and that the group would label the nine-year-old as a warrior? It’s the pants. I also wore them when I was nine, even though Iraq was invading Kuwait. I didn’t know anything about it at the time. For me it was just a pair of pants. Well, not just any pants, they were my favorite pants. I also had it in orange and purple. Is this good then? I also wore necklaces and earrings with a cross on it, which is a Christian symbol, although I was not a Christian. Do not get me wrong. If your husband is currently walking around in army pants, I would find him irreverent and strange, even from a purely fashion point of view. However, the child should not weigh all this.

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