How can I accept children from Ukraine?

Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing Ukraine – including unaccompanied children and young adults. Four examples of how you can help them.

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02/03/2022 – 12:39 PM

The situation of people in Ukraine practically does not leave anyone indifferent. In Germany, too, the willingness to help is great. In many places, people also wish to receive war refugees in private. After reports of children and young people who left Ukraine without their parents after the Russian attack, many are wondering how to help minors.

Four examples:

Böblingen: Waldorf School is looking for accommodation

Usually it is the special assistants who take the initiative. Just like the teachers and parents at the Waldorf School in Böblingen. She has a partner school in Odessa, a Ukrainian city on the Black Sea. From there, the residents of Böblingen received desperate pleas for help.

The reaction of the assistants about teacher Andreas Resavi and mother Heidi Bussell was swift: there is now a page on the Internet where you can register if you want to receive children, young people or whole families in Ukraine: Odessa /

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Stuttgart: The city is looking for housing for refugees

Stuttgart is also looking for housing for Ukrainian refugees. Mayor Frank Knüber has asked Stuttgart residents to “tell the staff about our vacant apartments so that we can provide as many apartments as possible as needed”. The city’s real estate department extensively searches for suitable properties and studies current offers.

The task force will begin work this week, according to the state capital. Then there should also be a hotline where helpers can report.

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Meanwhile, Ukrainians living in Stuttgart launched the “Volga” campaign. On Facebook they want to bring in people who can offer a guest room or apartment with the refugees who arrive. Folia on Facebook

Freiburg: 150 children arrived from an orphanage

157 children from a Ukrainian children’s home near Kyiv arrived in Freiburg over the weekend. Children and youth aged 1 to 17, as well as 32 adults, have arrived in Bresgau after a three-day bus journey. Tobias Pfleger, of the Freiburg City Mission, said cash donations are urgently needed at the moment to buy food and clothing. Here you can support

The children and their caregivers are housed in four facilities in Freiburg. You can stay here now. Pfleger said how to proceed after that is currently under discussion. Currently, we are in the process of creating a network of people who will support child care on a volunteer basis.

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The partnership between the Freiburg city mission and the Ukrainian children’s home “Waterhaus” near Kyiv has been around for 30 years, and now her children and caregivers have been evacuated. you can register here is an online platform where citizens can offer private accommodation to refugees from Ukraine. There is a form on the site that can be used to report free rooms or apartments without obligation. Interested parties can specify the number of beds and for how long they can provide the capacities – it should be at least two weeks.

The initiative’s sponsors are digital finance platform elinor, GLS Bank, search engine Ecosia, and Best Donation Platform.

Refugee Relief Organization prepares to receive millions of refugees

The United Nations says 677,000 people had already fled the country as a result of Russian attacks by Tuesday. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is preparing to receive up to four million refugees.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior recently counted 5,000 registered war refugees from Ukraine in Germany. Since there are no border controls at the EU’s internal borders, the number could be much higher.

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