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Horror has a new name: Bucha. After the withdrawal of Russian troops, a terrible picture appeared in the suburb of Kyiv. Civilians were killed in the streets of the city that was bombed. Their hands are tied, and they seem to have been executed in cold blood (if you can stand the sight: here is a videoPutin’s fighters are said to have killed more than 400 defenseless people there and in neighboring towns. Eyewitnesses speak of horrific scenes. Mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko talking about one “Genocide” And he demands: “There can be only one consequence for the whole world and especially for Germany: not a single cent can go to Russia anymore, this is blood money with which people are slaughtered.”

In Bucha alone, Russian soldiers are said to have killed up to 300 civilians. (Source: Mykhaylo Palinchak/SOPA Images via ZUMA Press Wire/dpa)

The residents of Bucha cheerfully greeted the approaching Ukrainian soldiers.  (Source: dpa / Vadim Ghirda / AP)The residents of Bucha cheerfully greeted the approaching Ukrainian soldiers. (Source: Vadim Ghirda / AP / dpa)

In Western Europe, too, the horror is great. But the powerlessness of those in power in Brussels and Berlin is just as great. The President of the European Union Commission Ursula von der Leyen He talks about “terrifying scenes” and demands an “independent investigation” and asserts: “War criminals will be held accountable.” blow the same trumpet Anna Barbock. The foreign minister demanded that “those responsible for these war crimes must be held accountable,” and promised: “We will tighten sanctions against Russia and give Ukraine more support in its defense.” Counselor too Olaf Schulz He announces more penalties and demands: “The perpetrators and their agents must be held accountable.”

Order, Confirm, Promise: Three actions with V determine the course of Western European politicians in the Ukraine war. They talk a lot, put pressure on them and act too. Sanctions against Putin’s regime, arms for Ukraine, slow turn away from Russian raw materials. But none of this prevents the head of the Kremlin from his crimes. On the contrary, he leaves his military strike more and more blindly. They are starting now Odessa To shoot it seems that they want to occupy southern Ukraine as well as the east. Will the city on the Black Sea face the same fate as Mariupol?

Odessa is now also under Russian fire.  (Source: dpa / Petros Giannakouris / AP)Odessa is now also under Russian fire. (Source: Petros Giannakouris / AP / dpa)

Putin has stated that he wants to “discredit” Ukraine as the reason for his aggressive war. The claim is not only absurd, but also turns against its sender, because Putin’s soldiers behave like old Nazi death squads: they burn schools and hospitals, kill civilians, and raze entire villages. The horror of Europe’s biggest land war and biggest migration crisis since World War II comes from the Kremlin. There, an unscrupulous imperialist like Stalin sits in front of his maps of Great Russia and plays with the lives of thousands of people.

In the face of these crimes, it seems ironic that Germany continues to send hundreds of millions of euros to Moscow for natural gas every day. Olaf Schulz, Robert Habeck and the heads of industrial companies can eloquently explain why an immediate halt to all gas imports would have dire consequences for the German economy. However, at some point, a point is reached at which the Federal Chancellor and Minister of Economic Affairs can no longer avoid asking the question: When is that enough When does humanity outweigh commercial interests, When is the survival of tortured Ukrainians more important to us in this country than the hum of our economy? It is not easy to answer this question, years of recession may cost tens of thousands of Germans their jobs and savings, and the radicalization of some segments of the population may accelerate. But at some point, the atrocities are no longer acceptable, and the Bucha massacre could be that moment.

Either way, there can be no future with Putin. Most of his forces are demoralized and reports of deserters are piling up. The West punishes his regime with severe sanctions, and its war aims – a false victory and the overthrow of the government in Kyiv – have already failed. Now his deadly battalions can turn to the east and south only with the last of their strength to tyrannize the population there, create more chaos, and finally abandon the Moscow mafia league on the international level. With Donbass and the entire coastal region occupied, Putin is trying to get a favorable starting point for ceasefire negotiations, Former NATO general Hans Lothar Domrose is suspected.

The war is a disaster for millions of people in Ukraine as well as for many Russian soldiers and their families. But it also turns out to be a disaster for Putin himself, which could end his rule. If not immediately, then maybe in a few months, if not in a few months, then in a few years. “He will have to relinquish power,” says the former head of Russia’s branch of Britain’s foreign intelligence service, MI6. Christopher Steele. Even collusion with China and India will not save the country from economic decline – and of course there are many people in the Russian kleptocracy who do not like it because they are losing money and influence. At some point you will try to get rid of the faltering mafia boss.

Putin wanted to install himself as the new tsar, Whoever restores the Russian Empire to its ancient borders by subjugating other peoples. Now he is on the verge of ending up not only as a war criminal, but also as one of the greatest failures in world history. Whoever comes after him will learn a lesson. At least there is a glimmer of hope.


Habik makes the wind

Economy Minister Habek relies on wind energy.  (Source: dpa / Kay Nietfeld)Economy Minister Habek relies on wind energy. (Source: Kay Nitfield / dpa)

Economy Minister Robert Habeck continues to resist stopping gas imports from Russia. Instead, he wants to gradually throttle gas and oil supplies and introduce a legislative package to expand renewable energies. Today it’s wind energy’s turn: with the Minister of Environment Steffi Lemke Asked the Vice President of the University in the morning The cornerstone for accelerating the green expansion of wind energy on Earth.


cheating on ex

Considered a key figure in Germany’s biggest tax fraud: If today is before the Bonn Regional Court the criminal proceedings against the 71-year-old lawyer Hanno Burger Begins, it concerns a particularly serious tax evasion in three cases from 2007 to 2013 and the amount of damage in excess of 278 million euros. The former bank controller of the financial department of Hesse is the driving force behind Ex cum scam which is the profitable deposit of previously unpaid taxes on stock dividends (More here). Many banks and wealthy people deceived the tax authorities.

Hanno Burger is smart: During a raid on his office in Frankfurt at the end of 2012, he fled to Graubünden, only a few weeks before the Swiss authorities handed him over to Germany. After Bonn’s trial, another trial awaits him in Wiesbaden. So far there have been three judgments against the former representatives – All with convictions.


barrier against hate

Social media is called Facebook, Youtube and Co. In light of the hate and hate speech posted there, “anti-social” would be more appropriate in many cases. Private messenger service cable, which allows almost all content without supervision, The Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Office of the Criminal Police have always been the focus of false news and calls for violence.

Now the Traffic Lights Alliance is stepping up the pressure on online hate shooters: Today, the Council of Ministers is scheduled to approve a draft law that provides for severe penalties if networks “terrorist content” Don’t delete them fast enough – in severe cases within an hour. In the future, the authorities can impose fines of up to four percent of the company’s annual turnover in the previous fiscal year. With Facebook’s parent company Meta and an annual turnover of $118 billion, that would be $4.7 billion. Punishment must hurt to be effective.


read what

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The condition of the mask was better…

    (Source: Mario Lars) (Source: Mario Lars)

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