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BERLIN (AP) – She just fed Australian lorises at a bird park in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. It is pinched, one parrot is even allowed to fly on its head, it looks funny.

People are excited. A caption on Instagram reads “Picture of Eternity.” On top of that: “I think Mrs. Merkel is really nice in her private life.” In the last few meters of her 16-year position as chancellor, Angela Merkel has grown nervous. It’s time to take a look away from politics, while not missing out on a particular evening dress.

“That’s why she’s beautiful”

It started with a lot of mockery of the helmet hairstylist until he relaunched it. Odo Waltz found the pieces to be “glossy”. That was self praise. Merkel was a client of a famous Berlin hairdresser who died last year. It is not known where she is cutting her hair now. But it is true that Waltz joined the CDU because of her.

The chancellery’s first woman, now 67, has received praise, criticism, fashion tips and long-distance diagnoses. She initially smiled as Helmut Kohl’s “girl” and for her hairstyle, many who did not vote for the CDU later saw her as a world politician who asserted herself in the men’s circus. “I find her very likable,” said chef and green politician Sarah Weiner. “She respects the way she treats these patriarchal structures as well as some personal insults with confidence.” Herbert Grünemeyer testified to the “modest intelligence of the physicist”.

Writer Martin Walser went further in an article for Spiegel. Merkel is not only smart, but also beautiful. Walser wrote in 2018: “Most politicians relax from what they have. This is also because they have to say more than they know. With Ms. Merkel, we witness how spirit and nature come together, which is why she is beautiful.”

Arguably, her wardrobe and appearance have received more press and debate than any of her predecessors. Certainly, Gerhard Schroeder was the “Brioni advisor” because of the expensive suits. Helmut Kohl got the nickname “pear” because of its weight and shape.

Oslo dress

But this is nothing compared to the echo of Merkel, for example when she wore an evening dress with a bra and showed off her breasts when she went to the opera in Oslo in 2008. This was treated as a medium heavy sensation. It was even a topic at the federal press conference. “The fact that this evening dress, a new composition, a new arrangement from the Chancellor’s collection, caused such a sensation (…) was not what the Chancellor intended,” said Thomas Steg, deputy government spokesman at the time.

There are no more pictures of Merkel as they were in Oslo. The chancellor was accustomed to a uniform style of trousers and jackets. As for the photos, I found the gesture of the rhombus – just copied by the candidate of the SPD chancellor Olaf Schultz on the cover of “SZ-Magazine”. Italian designer Giorgio Armani managed to get something out of Merkel’s fashion. “I’ve always found her style interesting, tailored jackets with matching pants.” Armani said the style exudes calm and self-confidence.

Karl Lagerfeld’s judgment was less generous at the time. “Ms. Merkel must have something like this to measure her own proportions,” the stylist told Focus in 2013 I don’t want any advice, I heard it.” Lagerfeld later took a hard line on Merkel’s refugee policy. He said in a 2017 TV interview that was hotly debated in France: “You can’t kill millions of Jews, even if there are contracts between them, and then bring in millions One of their worst enemies.

“Cohiba’s time is up”

There are few people in the cultural world who know and love Merkel personally. Just like actor Ulrich Matthes, who also appreciates her as a theater critic. “Conversations with Angela Merkel are always particularly detailed. Sometimes she takes a long time after the performance and she talks to me for an hour about the play,” Mattis told the German editorial network.

Women’s rights activist Alice Schwarzer sees “pure feminism” in Merkel’s life and success. In the “Spiegel” interview, Schwarzer described what remained of equality after the end of the Merkel era: “As always, we take two steps forward and one step back. It marked a turning point in a way that it can no longer be. The opposite of men they cannot allow Hanging around like that anymore, if I say so myself. Cohiba’s time is up.” With the latter, Schwarzer alluded to cigar-smoking politicians like former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder.

Schwarzer thinks Merkel’s nickname “Mutti” is wrong. “If she’s not a mother, then she is.” She was “a mixture of girl and mate.” Merkel’s blend is an interesting track because it transcends clichés. “She plays neither the submissive female in high heels nor the man. That wouldn’t work either, the real man is always the better man. At some point the boys compete to pee, and then the women are neglected. So the woman can learn from Merkel’s style.”

Tough on the mountain and even more birds

Mountaineering legend Reynolds Messner knows the chancellor and her husband Joachim Sauer from hiking. In “Welt am Sonntag,” he said in “Welt am Sonntag,” “Angela Merkel is tough, not only on the mountain, but also in the political life around her. You won’t be able to take her down so easily. She stays awake in her head longer, clearer than others.”

Returning to the topic of fluff and animals – Chinese artist Ai Weiwei already had thoughts of Merkel as an elderly person: “I wish her, when she retires, to live a comfortable life. I hope she goes to the Berlin Zoo and looks at the pandas there.”

At Marlowe Bird Park, brightly colored parrots ate from Merkel’s hand. Parrots also trusted and allowed the outgoing head of government to feed them millet. Merkel was only careful about the owl: she did not want to catch the owl with large eyes, about 60 cm in height. “No, no. You’ve done well with the parrots.”

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