Russia: Greetings from Lugano: Putin’s hidden love life

Russian President Putin keeps his private life strictly confidential. How many children does he have? mystery. Now his alleged lover must disappear from Switzerland.

It is alleged that Alina Kabaeva resides in Switzerland, in a safe chalet near Lugano in Ticino, where she gave birth to twin daughters in February 2015. It is said that the father of the two children is named Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. There are reportedly two more sons – from Kabaeva, 38, a former Olympic rhythmic gymnastics champion, and Putin, 69, the Russian president.

Too much “allegedly” for a single paragraph. What is certain, however, is that nearly 70,000 people have now signed a petition calling for Kabaeva – who is, literally, the “crazy dictator’s personal favorite” – to be expelled from Switzerland. They proclaimed themselves “citizens of three countries: Russia, Belarus and the suffering Ukraine.” Authorities felt compelled to “provide explanations,” the Ministry of Justice and the Federal Police told the broadcaster SRF communication. The result: “The Freedom and Justice Party has no evidence that this person is in Switzerland.” A spokeswoman for our editorial team said one could not say more in terms of privacy protection. It remains ambiguous.

Putin’s First Marriage: Love at Third Sight

The Russian president once said of his daily life outside the Kremlin: “I have a private life in which no one should interfere. This must be respected.” While the families of other heads of state constantly remain in the spotlight, Putin’s circle of loved ones is being categorized.

The White House in Washington, D.C. may be built of marble, among other things—yet it is of glass. On the front pages of French newspapers, one can already marvel at Nicolas Sarkozy Vespa as he wrestles with his wife Carla Bruni. It is known, at least in Germany, that since Helmut Kohl has had no biological children’s counsellor.

And in Russia? There is little more than a grainy photo taken around 1990. It shows Putin in a turquoise tracksuit, a shy-looking blonde woman and two girls with bows in their hair.

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In 1980, the president met the flight attendant Lyudmila Shkrebneva. A friend introduced the two to each other and invited them to the stage. Love at third sight. This man was “very ugly,” Shukrbeneva once said to a Russian biographer of Putin. I gradually got used to him and fell in love with him.

Girls attended a German school in Moscow

They married on a ship in 1983, and their first daughter was born two years later. Her mother wanted to call her Natasha. But Putin intervened: No, her name would be Masha, that is, Maria. “I was overwhelmed with tears. Then I realized that I had no other choice,” Shukrbeneva, Butina now, recalls. The second child, Katerina, was born in Dresden, where Putin worked as a KGB agent. The two daughters attended the German school in Moscow. Maria became a genetic researcher, and Katrina headed the Institute of Artificial Intelligence at an elite university.

Russian President Putin and his then-wife Lyudmila in Moscow in 2012. A year later, the two publicly split.

Photo: Alexey Nikolsky / D

But as Putin consolidated power in the mid-20th century, his wife’s public appearances waned. In any case, with the exception of Raisa Gorbacheva, there was no First Lady in the classical sense in Russia. However, there seems to be another crucial reason: already in 2008 Moscow correspondent From the alleged separation and association with Kabaeva. The newspaper was closed the next day.

Putin’s most intimate moment, divorce: open and orderly.

Then Putin announced the actual end of the marriage in a more dedicated way, Russian 24State announcer: the president is in a tailored suit, and his wife with a scarf – “a civilized divorce,” she said to the camera. Perhaps Putin’s most intimate moment: open and organized.

The Kremlin regularly rejects questions about private life. In addition to having another daughter, now 18, with a third woman. and also to Kabaeva, who has sat in the State Duma for the presidential party “United Russia” for seven years and has headed the state-owned national media group since 2014; And there are pictures of official occasions in which they performed reverently – or dreamy? – Look. At his annual press conference in late 2014, Putin revealed that he had a girlfriend. It should not be Kabaeva.

Either way, petitioning for deportation will likely go nowhere, and Putin will continue to shut down his love life. This is not at all baseless. Two weeks ago, an activist broke into the home of his daughter Katerina in Biarritz. Eight bedrooms and three bathrooms overlooking the French Atlantic.

The squatters changed the locks, hung the Ukrainian flag and offered the villa as a haven for war refugees. Meanwhile, Moscow political scientist Valery Soloy has spread another theory about the whereabouts of the Putin family: Not in Ticino, no, the president is said to have hidden them in a high-tech bunker in the Altai Mountains. allegedly.

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