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Strong performance by Foreign Minister Barbock with Sandra Meißberger on ARD: she shows her contempt for Putin and says why there is no ban on the import of Russian gas.

In times of war, a lot is allowed, as ARD presenter Sandra Meischberger allowed herself some research into Secretary of State Annalina Barbock’s private world (the Green Party) Wednesday night: Her two children, aged seven and 11, according to Meißberger, and whether she can explain To them what nuclear weapons are and whether it will remove their fear that war will come to us as well. Annalena Barbock responded that everything would be done to ensure that war did not happen to us, and above all, “Ukrainian children live in peace.” Incidentally, the younger generation is very lucky to have grown up in peace and some wondered what the European Union really meant, but it was the framework in which former enemies like Germany and France found each other.

Understanding Joe Biden

Other than this, Barbuk, who was associated with the talk show, showed a completely unambiguous attitude towards Moscow and a clear contempt for Vladimir Putin for its contribution. In response to a question about US President Joe Biden’s statements that he wanted “regime change” in Moscow – “In the name of God, this man should not remain in power” – Barbock said that Biden’s words show that the US president is stuck “human”. 140 countries in the world have agreed to sanctions to strike at Putin’s “center of power”. A few years ago, this man spoke of peace in the Bundestag, but now he has broken off from peace and is waging an aggressive war against innocents.

A criminal of war? The courts have to decide that

When asked if she considers Putin a war criminal, Barbock answered without a doubt: On the one hand, the courts have to determine the status of a war criminal, “But what I see is a war with war crimes. Hospitals and schools are bombed, humanitarian aid is not allowed.” Man Like Putin – who has bombed maternity clinics – he fears nothing.

Barbock says the Russians are on the defensive

Barbock made it clear that she no longer trusts the Russian president’s statements. This also applies to the negotiations in Istanbul. Declaration of humanitarian corridors and bombing at the same time “is not suitable for the front and the back.” Of course, the German government supports all peace talks, but the ideas of neutrality in Ukraine – as Putin has it in mind and as Kyiv did – are far apart. Barbuk also casts doubt on the alleged withdrawal of Russian troops: “We see the same pictures of what is happening in the war and we have reports from our intelligence services that Odessa could be captured.” On the other hand, Putin also sends young Russians. In the war, his armed forces have run out of fuel and there is a threat of food shortages: “The Russians are on the defensive in a certain way.”

Warranty from Germany

But what is Germany’s role in the conflict? I asked Sandra Meicheberger, can we issue a statement of guarantee to Ukraine, if imports of gas and oil are stopped immediately. As Ukraine fights for Europe’s freedom, Barbock said, “Wherever we can support Ukraine, we must do it 100 percent” — also with a guarantee, according to the foreign minister. Ukraine is a free country and it must remain that way. However, it does not expect any breakthrough from the Istanbul talks.

Delivery stopped at the expense of third countries

And as far as stopping energy supplies, Barbock demanded a sense of proportion: the sanctions have already hit the regime in Moscow “hard”: because of the sanctions imposed by the European Central Bank, Russia cannot use the income from raw materials exports at all. You have to prepare to get out of the fossil energy supply, it is not enough if it lasts for a day. “We can’t complete our exit at the expense of other countries either.” If the EU buys elsewhere in the world, it will be at the expense of countries like Lebanon – which is already facing a government boycott – or Indonesia. If one proceeds in this way, the position of global sanctions against Moscow threatens to “break away”.

Preparations are underway to phase out imports

Barbock said the federal government is already preparing for a complete phase-out of coal, gas and oil, and the dependence on oil imports has already been reduced from 35 to 25 percent in recent weeks and gas will also be phased out in the fall or winter. When asked by Sandra Meicheberger about Ukraine’s criticism of Germany over its energy policy and Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Minister Birbock said: “Our strategy in recent years has been completely wrong.” The pipeline was a mistake, it was not an economic but a geopolitical project. She can understand the Ukrainian president’s anger at Germany, whose country is under attack: “We will do everything we can to support Ukraine.”

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