Shevchuk: We are starting to see the results of the war

On the 35th day of the war in Ukraine, the Archbishop of Kyiv, Svyatoslav Shevchuk, noted the “terrible state” of his homeland. He summoned millions of Ukrainian refugees and devastated villages and towns. This is the full text of the video message:

Praise Jesus Christ!

Beloved in Christ, brothers and sisters. Today is March 30, 2022, and Ukraine is already experiencing the 35th day of this terrible war.

We are still feeling the direct ramifications of this war. War leads to mass murder. We see how the enemy mercilessly demolishes our cities and villages, shoots civilians and is indifferent to the spiritual and cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people.

We are only just beginning to see the fallout from this war. War always brings destruction. Entire towns and villages have become ghost towns where life once flourished intellectually, spiritually and openly… Today there is fire and the wind blows… War always brings hunger and impoverishment of people. We must all be prepared to overcome these consequences one way or another.

We can already see that millions of people have left their homes. Today we are talking about the nearly 3 million refugees who have left Ukraine. It is said that at least 6 million people were forced to leave their cities and villages, half of them children…

Ukraine lost 50 percent of its economy. This means that the coming weeks and the next month are likely to be some of the toughest.

But Ukraine stands! Ukraine is fighting! Ukraine wins and surprises the world…

Everyone is looking for reasons: “Why? Where does Ukrainian power come from? Why do they so bravely sacrifice their lives?”

Today we can say that Ukraine is defending the truth. Fight for the truth. The country is fighting for the priceless dignity of human life. And just destroying life or making us a hostage instrument in the politics of some political criminal, which is unacceptable…

This war reminds us of the rules of the invisible shield, the spiritual battle that every Christian fought with Satan, the evil one and his servants … Today I want to remember another rule of this spiritual battle. Evil always hides in the dark. When the evils of Satan are brought out and exposed, Satan loses his power at once. It will be destroyed in the light. The light of God’s right weakens him and disarms him. So when we hide or hide our sins, our mistakes become stronger, and they control us. But when we bring them to the light, and go to confession, and speak honestly to ourselves about it, and open our hearts to the Spiritual Father, it is as if we bring them into the light of Satan and take in his power.

Today, as I reflect on these rules of spiritual warfare, about the need to expose and expose evil, I want to give you a special thanks to all of the psychics. To all those journalists who tell the truth at the cost of their lives. They tell the truth about the suffering and pain of Ukraine.

We know that some words are forbidden in Russia today like “war”… Thank you to everyone who has the courage to tell the truth. Who not only hear the truth about Ukraine, but also bring it out to the world. Thus, they expose Satan and show him and disarm him. It gives us the strength to win.

We know in our spiritual life that there are so-called “strange sins”, i.e. sins committed by someone else, but I can become responsible for someone else’s sins. One of these sins is “silence about sin and praising the sin of others.”

Today I want to urge all of you not to share in the sins of others. Don’t be complicit in the crimes happening in Ukraine, don’t be complicit in your silence or your fear of telling the truth.

Get out the devil and we will win! Because we feel that the light of God is illuminating the hearts of Ukrainians today. The truth for which we live and die is the content of our strength and resilience and will be the key to Ukraine’s victory.

God bless the Ukrainian army! God save Ukraine! Bless the Ukrainian people!

May the Lord’s blessing be upon you with His grace and love for mankind, now and always, and for ever and ever. Trustworthy.

Praise Jesus Christ!

(Vatican News – MG)

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