Beautiful gifts for parents and in-laws

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, “Children must receive two things from their parents: roots and wings.”

Well, this is not a poet at Christmas time. There is usually more material stuff under the Christmas tree. However, they should not be less thoughtful and loving. Especially when it’s up to the kids to give back to their parents.

And since dear husband’s parents shouldn’t be neglected either, we have twelve gift tips for parents and guardians for Christmas 2021.

Christmas 2021: The most beautiful gifts for parents and guardians

Spend time together doing yoga

Can you count on the number of visits you’ve had to your country recently – also because of Corona? Then Christmas 2021 is the perfect opportunity to let go of time together. Mom is definitely looking forward to a yoga class with you. And if you can’t make it to the studio together because of the situation, you can also take a digital yoga class. In the yoga studio Kale & Cake in Munich, for example, there is a 14-day All-You-Can-Online-Yoga card for 25 euros. There’s also a lovable Mommy Oceansapart hoodie, which she can easily wear off her yoga mat.

Dyson deluxe hair straightener

Mom has been taking care of this iron for a long time, but she wouldn’t spend that much money on it herself. But Dyson Coralee isn’t just an individual iron. Mom can also use the styling tool to create curls and waves. The tool is suitable for all types of hair, guarantees a reduction in hair damage by up to 50% thanks to a special alloy, and is also equipped with an automatic shut-off mechanism for added safety. W: In the dark blue and copper gift version, the straightener looks incredibly stylish and beautiful.

Plus: This gift is not entirely altruistic. Because the next time you visit the house, you can use your mom’s hairstylist yourself. A Christmas gift with a win-win situation!

Beauty professionals know: Hermès’ new hand care line was one of the beauty highlights of 2021 par excellence. Mom also heard of great nail polish, so it would be happiest to have one under the Christmas tree. Also because the beauty product comes in a distinctive orange packaging.

Mama can wear Rouge Exotique all year round. The bright red has the nuances of orange and a touch of pink and makes a great look on the dull winter skin and the summer mom’s skin.

Red wine with a message from Simul

Dad is a true wine connoisseur. But does he know the “Simul” brand of cologne? It has only been around since December 2020 and is run by founders Stephanie Bunge and Michael Rottkegel in association with renowned wine growers. The idea? Bringing people together with the art of having fun. Hence the name “Simul”, which means “together” in Latin.

A new brand in the Simul group since the end of November 2021: the red wine Cuvée, a combination of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, created with the Palatinate winemaker Philippe Cohn.

In the spirit of inventors, it is better to drink red wine with dad and leave a personal message for him on the bottle with labels.

Spend time together on a BMW and MINI driving experience

Are you going to yoga with mom and dad? Of course, on the racetrack. Admittedly, the gift can be a bit tacky, but if your dad loves to be behind the wheel, you’re sure to make him extra happy with this Christmas gift. (If your mom is more than just a car, you can of course also give her the gift.)

Depending on your taste and needs, your dad can choose a variety of driving experiences: safety driving training with challenging slalom? Racetrack training where you step on petrol at the Nürburgring Nordschleife? Or winter workouts with ice and slippery surfaces including drifting? Definitely an experience my dad won’t soon forget.

Custom beanie from Willi the Label

My dad has been wearing the same hat up and down years ago? Then it’s time for a stylish alternative at Christmas 2021. But of course dad is not allowed to wear any hat. A personal character is needed.

At the Munich brand Willi the Label you can give a simple beanie a very personal touch with letter patches, embroidered names or even embroidered pictures. You can shop for beanies in navy blue, dark green, pink, lavender, light grey, light green and camel colors.

Nice idea: Why not order the same hat in different colors for you and Dad?

A custom beanie for dad could look like this:

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3. For widows

Michael Kors hand sanitizer bag

Your mother-in-law is a big fan of the designer, but you still don’t want to confuse your bank account? Then this cute Michael Kors bag is just the thing. Especially now that hand sanitizer has become a daily thing.

This simply fits in a beautiful bag, and thanks to the practical clip, it can be easily attached to the handbag strap. This means that the tiring search for sanitizer in the depths of her bag is now a thing of the past for her mother-in-law, too.

Flower subscription from Bloom & Wild

Of course there are regular flowers for her dear mother-in-law. Only: You usually get it on occasions like birthdays or Christmas, when others shower it with flowers.

So how about a Zahra subscription for the first three months of the new year instead? At Bloom & Wild, you can send a creative flower box as a gift, so that the recipient becomes the same as a florist. Because in the box there are no ready-made bouquets, but loosely packed flowers and accessories, which can be arranged to your own taste.

And if your mother-in-law likes it, you can simply extend the subscription and actually get a gift idea for the upcoming occasion. Intelligent!

CEWE Personal Photographer Calendar

Has her mother-in-law been more and more aware lately that you can visit her often? A soothing idea could be a personal photo calendar. Thanks to this, the mother-in-law can see her loved ones all the time – at least in 2D.

Visually, the photo calendar with wooden bar from Cewe is also impressive. Real wood tape covers the spiral bound and makes the calendar look much higher quality on the wall.

Importance! To ensure your mother-in-law’s calendar arrives on time as a 2021 Christmas gift, you must order it by December 17th.

3. About the father-in-law

Lavazza cappuccino machine

Is your father-in-law longing for his favorite Italian café on Lake Garda? Perhaps it will be some time before he can sit in the sun again.

Why not give him a Dolce Vita feel at home this Christmas 2021? Using the Lavazza cappuccino machine, even inexperienced milk frothers can make an authentic Italian cappuccino. And that with the push of a button. And the black roller in the kitchen also looks good.

Stylish rum lover scarf from Eminent

With this insider knowledge, you’ll make a good impression on your drink-loving father-in-law: the locals call the central island of Cuba “Isla del Cocodrilo”. That’s why the new “Eminente” Cuban rum also has a crocodile-embossed bottle.

The rum has been blended by the country’s smallest major distiller, Maestro Ronero César Martí. He managed to smell rum first from coffee, almonds, and cocoa and then taste to vanilla, dark and ripe fruit and spicy Szechuan pepper when drinking.

This 2021 Christmas gift set includes a rum with an elegant sash designed by illustrator Sophie Hollington – so what! Iconic crocodile appears.

And if vanilla and pepper are not in the form of a drinkable syrup, perhaps vanilla and pepper should be injected? Eau de Parfum “Gentleman” by Givenchy convinces with an aromatic composition of orris, patchouli, lavender, the aforementioned black vanilla and black pepper.

A strong scent that should last a long time, according to online store reviews. The father-in-law will surely be happy with that. Also because the black bottle looks super chic and elegant.

It is better to deliver the gift with the words: “I can smell you, dear father-in-law. And now a little more!”

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