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The profession of emergency paramedic requires a high degree of responsibility. © Brick Dachau

The paramedic profession offers many opportunities for development. BRK Dachau also searches for new interns every year.

The rescue service is one of the three pillars of the Dachau Ponds. More than 100 full-time employees work at the rescue stations in Gröbenried, Markt Indersdorf and Odelzhausen, including 20 trainees and graduates of the Federal Volunteer Service. At the Gröbenried rescue station alone, about 13,000 operations are performed each year.

The paramedic profession offers many opportunities for development. Training is of high quality and is closely monitored, and personal responsibility is required.

quality education

All employees have solid training and great social and professional skills. This is important because the profession of a paramedic requires one high responsibility. Theoretical training takes place at the Munich Red Cross Academy, a vocational school of the BRK district federation in Munich.

The number of trainees increases every year. In 2021, seven new emergency paramedic training positions were filled. The Cooperation with the Red Cross Academy It allows for high-quality training, and the trained lifeguards remain state-of-the-art. Thus, the majority of BRK Dachau’s workforce is trained in-house – an advantage in terms of reliability, consistency and compatibility with the employer.

Practical teachers supervise the training

There is a high national demand for training positions. There are now 30 external trainees annually who complete their internship at the three rescue stations as part of the 520-hour training course to become a Paramedic. This usually happens in relation to the waiting time for a place to study medicine, or to start a medical-related career. “This is where our high professional level appeals to applicants,” says Rescue Service chief Denis Behrendt. Specially trained practitioners To become paramedics and emergency paramedics for the trainees. The basis of this qualification is a minimum of two years of professional experience as an emergency paramedic and 300 hours of additional training.

At Gruppenried, Training Coordinator Tobias Weber and Practical Coach Johannes Meyer are responsible for training and further education. 31-year-old Tobias Weber has been part of the rescue service team at Gröbenried main station since 2015. He preferred training at BRK Dachau over studies. He loves his job. In cooperation with the National Society BRK and the Medical Director, he monitors and plans the compulsory and advanced training courses. Even at the height of the epidemic, he was able to keep the training company running smoothly. He reports: “If it was allowed, we held the training courses ourselves. As an alternative, we moved to e-learning.”

At the rescue stations in Markt Indersdorf and Odelzhausen, Fabian Mayer and Robert Schenderlein take on this task as responsible operational trainers. “We accompany the trainees responsibly at the rescue station in Indersdorf. Close contact and trust are very important to us,” says Fabian Meyer.

The pandemic has changed day-to-day work at BRK Dachau: Tobias Werner purges RTW.
The profession of paramedic requires the utmost attention. Training coordinator Tobias Weber sterilizes the RTW. © Brick Dachau

Specialized teams take responsibility

A new feature is specialized teams at rescue stations. They are for special areas like. B. Fleet and material management or responsible hygiene. In this way, the responsibility for decision-making processes is integrated into the daily work of the employees. At the same time, supervisors are relieved of operational processes and can focus more on personnel management.

Safely protected in a pandemic

Even during a pandemic, employees are protected as safely as possible from infection. From the very beginning, great importance has been attached to Hygiene compliant concept Developed. Guard commanders have taken all precautionary measures to prevent many simultaneous quarantine failures. A 100% vaccination rate in the workforce is also a sure sign that employees care about their own health and the health of patients.

The pandemic has changed emergency services. Security guard Daniel Ernst in Odelzhausen and Deputy Security Guard Fabian Meyer at Markt Indersdorf assessed: In the pandemic years 2020 and 2021, there were much more hours of emergency rescue work. At night, the RTW is on its way to Mammendorf or drives to the 3rd class hospital in Munich.

Although the pandemic requires a higher organizational effort, it has also brought a lot to the 18 employees and four interns at Markt Indersdorf Strong sense of teamwork. “We can count on each other,” confirm Fabian Meyer and Danielle Ernst. Both are enthusiastic lifeguards and find emergency assistance an honorable task. For Daniel Ernst, the job has another nice side: he met his future wife during an assignment.

“We can count on each other”: Daniel Ernst at the rescue station in Odelzhausen. © Brick Dachau

Professional rescuers and modern technology help in emergency situations

The work in the BRK Dachau Rescue Service is diverse, purposeful and team-oriented. Anyone who is interested in medical work, likes to help others and enjoys dealing with people, will find a satisfying job at BRK Dachau and can develop further.

You become a paramedic after a Three months training. Training to become an emergency paramedic lasts for three years and is carried out in the vocational school, in the ambulance, and in the hospital. During training, future paramedics are employed as BRK trainees and receive a training allowance.


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